Support the New 115 Legion Space in Olympia, WA

Submitted Anonymously

Call to support the radical autonomous space in Olympia, WA, the 115 Legion.

Just in time for the holidays, we are unveiling our fundraiser drive with gifts in return for your support! (See our gift tiers along the right-hand side of the Patreon page!)In the last 6 months since signing the lease, we’ve:

  • completely renovated and customized the space
  • hosted so many awesome events
  • created quality t-shirts, posters, books, and journals, and
  • expanded our base of community members who contribute and make the space their own

It’s taken some massive work parties and countless hours donated from dedicated individuals to make 115 Legion a reality.

This has always been and will continue to be a collective effort. Everything that happens at 115 Legion is community-generated.


Many of you have likely been in the space and experienced in for yourself. If you haven’t, don’t hesitate to come by and get involved, or support this project from a distance! $1, $5, $10, $20 a month goes a long way to keep accessible and important resources in so-called downtown Olympia.

115 Legion is the only thing of its kind downtown. It’s a space that anyone can access despite financial barriers. Not just to attend events, but to take part, organize, host, and create.

The next step in the life of our space involves distributing the cost of keeping the whole show running. So far, a small group of people have been footing the bill. In order to keep 115 Legion growing and vibrant, we need broad and ongoing financial support.

And here are some things we’re cooking up:

Olympia-to-Tijuana Donation Drive:

On December 2nd, 115 Legion will be a drop off point for donations going south to Tijuana. Concurrently, everyone is invited to design and produce t-shirts, posters, and texts that can be used to spread awareness and encourage engagement with this political moment, even if from far away.

Please bring: Medical supplies, menstrual supplies, electrolyte drinks, basic first aid supplies, clothing, tents, toiletries, cell phones and chargers.

DROP OFF POINTS before Dec. 2nd include: Olympia Food Co-op (both locations), GrUB (2016 Elliott Ave NW), the Flaming Eggplant (CAB building, Evergreen State College).

Multi-Media Station:

We’re in the process of creating a workstation for digital media. Audio-recording and editing, video editing software, image processing, and web design capabilities. Make your own podcasts, promotional short videos, internet memes, and images for posters/shirts.

A Kid-Friendly Space:

For families and kiddos who want to come out to 115 Legion, we want to have space that has all-ages events, childcare, and a play zone. This takes a lot of resources and intentional planning. As 115 continues to build on its successes and develop increasingly effective and concrete forms of support, prioritizing this function is an integral part of this vision.


What can I do to help if I don’t have $$$? 

  • Help share and spread our holiday fundraiser on Instagram, Facebook, etc.!
  • Ask a family member to donate to the space as a gift to you.
  • Come to our events! Share our events on social media! Make your own events! Use our stuff!

How can I make a single non-recurring donation?

You can donate to [email protected] on PayPal or come to an upcoming event at 115 to contribute to our donate jar!

How can I be in contact with y’all to make an event/use the printing equipment/propose a cool idea I have?

The primary email address for booking time at the space is [email protected]. You can also follow 115 Legion on Instagram (@115.legion) and Facebook!