Surprise Home Demo in Seattle

From No New Animal Lab

On Friday night, a group of activists made a surprise visit to the home of James and Lindsey McReynolds, at 3033 22nd Ave. W in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle. James is the Senior Project Manager at Skanska USA’s Seattle office, and his job includes acquiring and cultivating contracts–meaning that Skanska’s contract with the University of Washington to build a new lab has developed in his hands.

This visit was the second time that activists visited James’ neighborhood. The first time was a Sunday afternoon, and this time activists showed that they will also light up the night with the loud message of No New Animal Lab. When the activists arrived, someone went to James’ door to attempt to talk with him, but as soon as he found out why they were there, he closed the door on them. But he can’t hide from activists by closing the door. Armed with bullhorns and signs, the activists chanted for the whole neighborhood to hear: “If you want some peace and rest, cut your ties with animal tests!”

Many neighbors came out of their houses to see what was going on–and they expressed their support for the activists. They took flyers about the bloody contract between Skanska USA and the UW, and listened to activist requests that they talk to James about cutting his ties with animal torture.

After about an hour in front of James’ house, activists appeared to wrap up the demo with the chant “We’ll be back! We’ll be back!”…and they soon were. The activists walked through the alley that runs behind James’ house and began the protest again behind his house where they could stand even closer to his windows. The activists announced, “We’re back,” and then told James that activists will continue to be back–at his house, at the houses of other Skanska executives, at their offices–until Skanska USA cuts their contract with the UW.

Activists closed the protest with reminding James that this contract for a new lab has awoken the sleeping giant that is the animal liberation movement, and this movement is going to show the power it has to make sure this lab is never built.