The Cascadia Trans and/or Women’s Action Camp is Coming!

The Cascadia Trans and/or Women’s Action Camp is coming! To find out how
watch our awkward video!

What is TWAC?
Since 2008, the Trans and/or Women’s Action Camp (TWAC) has been a fierce
action camp for folks who identify as trans women, female, trans men,
two-spirit, transgender, transsexual, genderqueer, and gender-variant. TWAC
is an intentional space to learn about social and environmental justice,
share campaign information, and gain direct action skills in a conscientious,
supportive, empowering and encouraging environment for voices often
marginalized. At the end of the camp, we take collective action on issues of
importance. TWAC Cascadia will be in the forest in Washington Sept 1-8th.

From the Dine’ women defending their native lands against destructive
mining, to the eco-feminists defending forests from logging and development;
from the immigrant and trans women defending their lives from the prison
industrial complex, to the parents and midwifes defending their bodies and
babies from the patriarchal medical establishment, women and trans folks have
always been powerhouses of political action, and TWAC aims to support this in
a safe(r) environment.

Ways you can support TWAC:
Watch our hella awkward fundraising video! Share it with your friends and on
social media! Donate some money!


TWAC is free to attendees but it takes a lot of money to sustain it. We need
money for food, transportation, camping gear, climbing gear, art supplies,
workshop supplies, medical/wellness supplies, legal costs, and to pay
workshop presenters!

We also need:
Workshop presenters, medics, conflict mediators, musicians, story tellers,
rabble-rousers, volunteers, and you!

Get ready cuz we’re bringing it and so should you!

For updates check our website: