The Portland Radicle is Looking for Contributors

The Portland Radicle* is looking for community members who would like to join
other clever and talented ass-kickers in our project of collective

The Radicle is an anarchist print project that kicked off in 2012. We once
had a good rhythm for solicitation and publication, as well as a robust
editorial collective. At present, we’re down to four people, and we’ve
struggled to publish consistently. While the paper is in no danger of being
discontinued, we believe that we would be stronger with more participation
and more ideas.

Optimally, we’d love to make the Radicle an engaging multimedia platform for
class war and social change that is not only interesting, but indispensable
for all who strive for freedom in Portland and around the world. We have lots
of ambitious ideas about how we can do that, and we’d love your participation
and support.

We need people who can write articles, analysis and reviews, copyedit,
proofread, translate, contribute artwork and photos, do web design, and help
publicize by putting together fundraisers and social events. We could also
use the help of those who’d like to join us in folding, collating, and
stapling some papers.

Our editorial commitment is to be a multi-tendency,
“anarchist-without-adjectives” publication that is free to access and a
medium for dialogue across movements and projects. We also want to pay
attention to, analyze and critique developments in Portland, challenge
dominant narratives surrounding events here, cover protests (or, ideally,
protracted rebellion), and seek paths toward a world free of domination and
coercion. We never advocate for politicians or political parties, preferring
to highlight popular efforts to effect change. We will never appeal to the
state or capital, and we seek to dismantle social relations and power
dynamics which demand our allegiance to and dependence on both. The Radicle
also seeks to create an inclusive and respectful space for editors and
contributors, and we invite suggestions as to how we can maintain the highest
standards in this regard.

If you are interested in applying your talents to destroy that which harms us
and build a world which sustains us, we would love to have you. We will work
with contributors at any level; no previous experience in media is necessary.

To learn more about our project, send an email to:
[email protected].

For love and anarchy, your partners in total revolt,

The Portland Radicle

*“Radicle” means the embryonic root growth of a plant from a seed. It is
from the Latin word “radix,” meaning “root” or “origin”. Radix is
the word that “radical,” one who seeks fundamental change, is also
derived from.