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UW: All Out Against Fascism and Hate!

Submitted Anonymously

The Greater Seattle General Defense Committee calls upon the UW campus and community beyond to join us at Red Square on Friday, March 31st at 12PM in declaring that we will not be intimidated by the violence of the far-right! This includes the near-fatal shooting of one of our members at University of Washington on January 20th as well as the others who are currently facing attacks and harassment.

Through their inaction before and after the shooting on January 20th, the police and campus administration at UW have proven themselves unwilling and incapable of actually creating a safe and secure environment on campus. We hope to use this as an opportunity to show that despite this violence, we will continue to organize in our communities and build power to develop a united front against the rise of fascism. This includes organizing to develop alternatives to law enforcement, the criminal legal system, and the administrations which place a far higher value on profit than they do safety. These institutions can not and will not protect us; we must organize to protect ourselves and each other!

This action will begin at 12PM and will involve a brief walk between several locations around campus. Please share this event throughout your networks. If you have any questions, direct them to[email protected]