What’s going on with PSA?

The past few months have been pretty slow for the website as a result of a few persistent technical problems that interfered with our ability to post submissions. We have now fixed the problems that were interfering with posting and have fixed the spam that was overflowing the comments.

The past few months have also seen a pretty steady decline in the amount of submissions we are receiving. This seems to reflect a general moment of ‘not-much-happening’ that is being experienced by anarchists in the pacific northwest and elsewhere. We would like to see this website continue to be an outlet for anarchists news and analysis in the area, but at this point, that might look like an update happening once a month, rather than once every few days. We would like to encourage people to continue to send in information, analysis, report backs and whatever else is relevant to anarchists in the northwest. We have received a lot of submissions recently that about things happening in other places. Because the purpose of this website is to be a hub for anarchists in a specific geographic area, we have not been posting these submissions and would encourage people to send things that are not directly relevant to this area to anarchist news or any of the other national and international anarchist news websites.

One way in which we would like to see this website be useful is to serve as an alternative to facebook for listing events. It can be really hard for people without facebook to know what’s going on and we hope that this website can help to bridge that gap. However we often don’t know what’s going on, so if you are organizing an event, submit it to us and we will post it.

See you in the streets!