14th Annual Victoria Anarchist Bookfair: Call for Participation

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Located on unceded Lkwungen Territory, the Victoria Anarchist Bookfair opens a space for anarchist literature, art and praxis. This year’s bookfair places special emphasis on transitioning to new and radical ways of relating to each other and to all beings and environments.

The Bookfair welcomes participants who seek to embody anarchist ideals, subvert the spectacle, and facilitate safe and healthy dialogues in our beautiful neighborhood. This is an invitation to open, radical, inclusive, and anti-oppressive spaces.

We invite your proposals for workshops, tables, readings, films, and presentations to bring us together in temporary affinity while deepening our collective understanding of anarchism(s).

The deadline for proposals is August 25th, 2019. Please include a statement about how your project aligns with the principles of the Bookfair.

Late proposals will be considered but may not be included in the promotional material.


Deadline for Proposals: August 25th, 2019

Victoria Anarchist Bookfair: September 21st and 22nd, 2019

For general inquiries, please email: [email protected]


The Bookfair unfolds around the booksellers, distributors, independent presses, artisans, and activist groups in the main room of the Fernwood Community Centre. Please be aware that tabling at the Bookfair requires a commitment to both days. There is no fee for tabling, but we will be collecting 10% of sales after expenses in order to help us cover costs.

To request a table, send a brief description of your group and the materials you intend to distribute to: [email protected]


The Bookfair Collective envisions the Anarchist Bookfair as a space to undo, in real time, the ongoing colonization of our thoughts & perception, bodies, loving, care, decision-making, and communities. The Bookfair is a space for the production of knowledge through listening to each other respectfully.

Under the over-arching theme of transitioning, we invite proposals for workshops on Indigenous perspectives, practical anarchism, revolutionary theory, policing and state repression, mutual aid, gender, anarchist history, ecologies of freedom, art-making, co-operatives, etc.

Workshops last 50 minutes with a 10-minute break in between. We recommend that presenters plan for at least 20 minutes of discussion.

To propose a workshop or reading, list the title of your workshop, along with a short description (120 words) and bio (25 words).

Send it to: [email protected]

This information will be reprinted in the program zine if your workshop is accepted.


The Victoria Anarchist Bookfair & Festival of Anarchy Collectives are made up of volunteers who poster, run the welcome table, do set-up and take-down, lead kids’ activities, support safer spaces, clean up, etc. Helping out at the Bookfair is a great way to get involved in the community and embody your anarchist ideals. If interested, please read the volunteer descriptions, Bookfair Collective principles and accessibility statements on the Bookfair website and let us know how you’d like to help out!

Get in touch: [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you!

Lkwungen Territory, Fernwood, Victoria BC