All Out for May Day

MAY 1 2015

Join us in the streets this May 1st at 6pm for the annual anti-capitalist
march. With its roots in the labor movement, May Day continues to this day as
a riotous celebration of revolt against bosses, landlords, work, and

On May 4, 1886 in Chicago, someone threw a bomb at the police during a strike
in a fight for an 8-hour work day and in protest of the cops killing several
workers the day before. Seven cops and four humans were killed. Subsequently
eight anarchists were arrested and convicted of conspiracy. Four of the
anarchists were hanged and another committed suicide in prison. This is the
origin of May Day.

More recently in Seattle, hundreds of anarchists and other anti-capitalists
converged on downtown on May Day 2012 and lay wreck to banks, businesses, and a federal courthouse. The State responded with perhaps the most significant
repression against anarchists in the NW recently and deployed a federal grand
jury to disrupt, misdirect, isolate and neutralize a growing sentiment and
practice of anger and attack against hierarchy and domination. Despite the
efforts of the state, anarchists remained strong and defiant and no one was
ever charged with the crimes being investigated by the grand jury.

Let’s continue a lively, joyous tradition of defiance to capitalism, the
state, hierarchy, and domination! May Day is our day!