Juvie Contractor Truck Burned in Solidarity with Baltimore Rebellion

Early in the morning on April 28th flames engulfed a truck in a construction site across the street from the King County Juvenile Detention Center on 12th Ave. The constuction site is a new development being built by Spectrum Development Solutions, who are responsible for gentrifying 12th avenue and are involved in building the new youth jail. The trucks tire’s were slashed, it’s fuel lines were cut and then it was completely destroyed by fire. 😉

This was done in solidarity with rebels fighting the police in the streets of Baltimore. In the wake of the rebellion in Ferguson last year, Baltimore has also erupted into riots sparked by yet another brutal police murder. Buildings and cars are smoldering, stores have been looted and the police and media have been attacked repeatedly, often having to run for their own safety. The media backlash of rehearsed condemnation is so obviously a farce to all of those who find inspiration and encouragement in these moments.

Sometimes the rationale of this prison society manifests in the killing of young black men in the street (Freddie Gray, Mike Brown, Eric Garner and so many more), everyday it manifests itself in the mass imprisonment of black and brown people. No matter what, this society thrives on death. Fuck the murderous, racist police, fuck the media and fuck anyone who is helping to build this prison society.