Anarchists Flood the Office of ICE Collaborator in Portland

Submitted Anonymously

Last week, we paid a visit to the offices of local attorney and ICE collaborator Sean J. Riddell.  Sean Riddell currently provides legal representation to the National ICE Council, the union which represents ICE agents, in a lawsuit against the city of Portland in response to the Occupy ICE PDX encampment last summer.  Sean’s new law office, located at 2905 NE Broadway in Portland, was purchased partially with the money he’s made from the work he’s done for the National ICE Council.  We decided to congratulate him on his new building by unraveling his garden hose, pushing it through his mail slot, and turning on the water.  Our goal was to cause maximum economic damage, that should serve as a warning to all individuals and businesses that profit off the human misery perpetrated by ICE.

For every child that is separated from their parents and locked in a cage, there are people making money off it.  For every mother that is kidnapped off the street by La Migra and sent to a modern day concentration camp for deportation, there are people furthering their careers off it.  There’s a vast infrastructure in place that allows for the everyday functioning of ICE and the people responsible have names and addresses.

For a world without borders and prisons.  For the free movement of all people.  Smash ICE

-some anarchists