Anarchists in Anti-Colonial Struggle Movie & Discussion Night (Olympia)

From Fugitive Distro

Sunday, November 19th

6PM at The Mortuary

Masks Required, Extras Provided!

From Palestine to West Papua, Chiapas to Wallmapu, Borikén to Hawaiʻito the very occupied territories we stand on, colonial repression and anti-colonial revolts are taking on a greater frequency and intensity. What is the role of anarchists in engaging in and expanding anti-colonial struggle? What can material solidarity look like from our position in the imperial core? What will it take for anarchist movements to become a global force of opposition that can be relied on as comrades in struggle rather than competing power blocks that offer support with strings attached or a passive international civil society that only wants perfect victims that don’t fight back?

To delve into these questions come join us as we watch Concerning Violence: 9 Scenes from Anti-Imperialist Self Defense to ground our understanding of colonialism and anti-colonial revolt followed by a facilitated collective conversation where we will discuss these questions and more.

This is a special edition of the ongoing Open Anarchist Study Group which meets every Sunday, 6PM at The Mortuary. For more info and schedule see the Fugitive Distro website