Recent Communiques Turned Into Posters for IRL Communication

submitted anonymously –

Feeling inspired by recent actions in St̕č̓as we wanted to offer a modest contribution by turning some of the previous communiques posted on PSA into posters for wheatpasting.

They’re both formatted in 11×17 and standard 8.5×11.

Noise Demo [11×17] [8.5×11]

It’s Easy to Attack [11×17] [8.5×11]

As a lil extra, here’s a wheatpaste recipe 😉

-Heat 1 cup of water

-In another container, add 3 tablespoons of sifted all-purpose flower to cold water until thin

-pour the cold mixture into the hot water while mixing

-bring to boil, take off heat and let cool

“…there will need to be ten flyers for every flying brick, and many more of each.” – A. G. Schwarz, The Riot or The Attack?