Anti-Police, Anti-Capitalist Contingent at Black Friday Ferguson Solidarity Demo

The RCP supported October 22nd Coalition to Stop Police Brutality has called for another demonstration for this Black Friday at 1pm meeting at Westlake (4th and Pine). The RCP, however, does not and cannot control the narrative of resistance to police violence. The RCP’s attempt to use the life of Mike Brown and all victims of police violence for the furtherance of their party’s message is shameful and should be pushed against.

This is a call for all anti-capitalist and anti-police individuals to descend on Westlake this Black Friday and counter the RCP narrative and take the streets in solidarity with Ferugson. Show up, brings fliers, banners, heart and whatever else! Feel free to add suggestions and ideas to this Facebook event page. Invite your friends and comrades.

Rest in Power Mike Brown
Rest in Power Oscar Grant
Rest in Power Oscar Perez-Girion
Rest in Power John T. Williams
In Solidarity with all who Fight Back Against the Police!

The link to “main” event below: