Black Friday Take Over the Hill

An anti capitalist anti-police gathering and March thru capital hell:

Friday, November 28th @ 3 PM
Seattle Central College, Pine & Broadway.

Inspired by
– Mike Brown and the Ferguson Freedom Fighters battle against the national guard

-Oscar Grant and Oakland continuing the on going rebellion

– The Flatbush rebellionof 2013

– The Legacy of the BLA

-The England Rebellions of 2011

– John T. Williams and the generations of Indigenous Rebellion

– Africa Town and the Occupations of the Horace Mann and the Coleman school buidlings

– Assata Shakur and the whole Shakur family

– Chris Monfort

It’s time to remember our past and begin challenging ourselves.

Ferguson is burning. What is Seattle gonna do about it?

Shutting down Nordstrom, Macy’s, et. al.. appropriating Westlake and shutting down traffic is great. The more merrier. But scum just as bad as any of the nordstrom family, rest on the top of hill five blocks east. Scum of the lowest filth. Hipster scum. ironic racist tech bro scum.

Capital Hell has undergone hyper gentrification over the last few years. The first wave of this was brought to us by the early hipsters. These early hipster have matured into some of the biggest power players in this city.

Liberal White Seattle makes it easy to be a racist. Programs like Weed and Seed were celebrated, by black leaders. It easy for white folks here to go about their lives in a privileged peace while black and brown people live in a near constant state of insecurity and absolute alienation rooted in self hate. The center of this disturbing hipster culture is Capital Hell….

This Anti-blackness doesn’t come from nowhere. It comes from a history of slavery and genocide. Anti-blackness is re affirmed in Pro Capital and Pro State (police, jails, and government) culture. Capital Hell currently sits as the local heart of this Beast…

Business owners David Mienert and Jason (Jace) Lajeunesse, putting profit ahead of black lives, made up some conspiracy of a cell of “organized crime” of East Africans operating on the hill. This conspiracy was seemingly concocted in order to bully SPD into increasing police patrols and beats on Capital Hell, particularly around their specific properties. They also gave threats of bringing in the U.S. Attorneys office to the mainstream media.

Both the Mayor of Seattle (who is being sued by a former black female employee for wrongful termination based on factors of race and gender) and the City Attorney (in Seattle more black men are behind bars then not) thanked David Mienert by name in their election speeches.

These small business owners of capital hell, as well as the rest of them but profit before black lives.

This is how capitalism works today. Anti -blackness is completely intertwined with Capitalism and the State.

In contrast Anti state is directly intertwined with Pro Blackness…