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Anti-Trans Conference In Olympia & Tacoma Disrupted 2nd Year in a Row

submitted anonymously –

Sovereign Women Speak were planning to hold a conference in Olympia, despite last year’s disruptions (burrito feast) which led to a last minute location change. When we heard news that they were planning on coming back this year, our gremlin brains got to work on how to prevent them from feeling comfortable and safe to be anywhere near here with their transphobic agenda.

While the conference was originally scheduled to be at the Capitol building, with security from 3%rs advertised on their website, they made a last minute decision to relocate to an undisclosed location (once again).

We got information about where their conference would be held this year, and immediately got to work scheming. A huge banner was prepared, reading “TRANSPHOBES GTFO!” and we made our way to their private event at the La Quinta in Tacoma (where they plan to be until the 21st if you are reading this before then…)

A banner was dropped and chained above the parking lot, we wanted to ensure that they would see it and know that they are not welcome, and not alone. We also wanted to make sure the banner would stick around, so we glued up some locks and secured it as well as we could, before then pulling the fire alarm and sending them out to see it. The banner drop alone didn’t feel like enough to shut down the conference, we needed them to get the message and stop. So we pulled the fire alarm.

The alarm went off, funneling the TERFs out. The reason we chose to do it at 1pm, was this was the start of their only public facing part of their weekend, a youtube livestream which we managed to disrupt. In their livestream they say “women just want to talk about their bodies,” meanwhile these groups contribute to endangering and criminalizing trans people simply for existing and exerting bodily autonomy.

We did this because it was fun, it only took a couple of us coming together, without any need for a large demonstration or mass organizing. One of our biggest takeaways is– don’t wait around for public calls or widespread consensus on what to do, you and a couple friends can make a lot happen!

While we wish the address was publicly available sooner, we eagerly jumped at the opportunity for disruption, and once again show them they aren’t welcome, and that we will always respond.

We suggest reading the report back from last years transgender burrito feast in Olympia, which expands more on the anti-trans ideology and the importance of a response to this group.

-some mischievous trannies