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Call Out for PNW March 15th International Day Against Police

submitted anonymously –

Manuel Ellis
Timothy Green
Charleena Lyles
Korryn Gaines
Breonna Taylor
George Floyd
Michael Brown
Oscar Grant
And On, and on, and on.

We haven’t forgotten, nor do we forgive.
Justice is a dead word forced down our throats at gun point.
Vengeance is truly of our own making.

We are calling for anarchists throughout the PNW to organize around the upcoming March 15th International Day Against Police – a day which hasn’t seen much if any celebration inside the US but is marked every year just to our north.

We are calling for this particular celebration to on one hand build a little connection and continuity with our comrades to the north, and on the other bring to the forefront anti-police antagonism not just around one particular struggle – prisons, Cop City, murders and militarization – but against policing in all its forms. All over the country police and private security power is growing and standardizing in response to the 2020 revolts and it’s incredibly visible here. More armed private security brutalizing people justified by pearl clutching about shoplifters, increased sweeps of homeless camps, more pushes for police recruits, more funding for police and the building of new police facilities.

We need to be fighting this on all fronts, before and after march 15th but we offer this date as a point of orientation – to see where we are at and how far we have to go to get to where we need to be.

The choice of action is yours – banner drops, night time attacks, protests, combative demonstrations, workshops and educational events, etc.

Fuck the police
Long live anarchy!