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Notes on Mutual Aid, volume 2

From Notes on Mutual Aid

Volume 2 – Friends, Foes, and Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

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Organizing doesn’t happen in a vacuum. New mutual aid projects may fly under the radar in their starting stages, but no project  can evade the eyes of the watchful neighborhoods surrounding them indefinitely. Establishing a presence can attract new participants and allies, but not everyone will  appreciate the work.

This zine is the second in a series that explores and critiques the budding movement of mutual aid groups around the Pacific Northwest. Our own experiences, observations, and research are synthesized with accounts gained from networking with other groups near and far.

Inside this volume we examine the social web of politicians and police, churches and chambers of commerce, and other pillars of present society. How do we navigate or subvert them as we strive for new forms of living?

Comments, complaints, and requests for updates on future volumes are welcome: email mutualaidnotes [at] riseup [dot] net

We also welcome emails from folks near occupied Dxʷdəwʔabš (aka Seattle) who would like stacks of hard copies to distribute to groups, events, venues, free libraries etc.