Emergent Goods: Update and Collaboration Announcements

Submitted Anonymously

Happy with the replies we’ve gotten from comrades after going public, we would like to make more explicit some of our collaborations and what we are going to support once we’re up and running.

Emergent Goods is partnered directly with comrades at No New Ideas Press. Together we hope to actualize our potential and continue to put out critically desirable lit and posters.

Additionally, we’re happy to announce that we’re supporting “Becoming Active, Becoming Safer” collective’s cyber-security trainings and resources for targeted populations. So far we’ve already linked up with feminists, radical media, LGBTQQIA* activists, indigenous land defenders, black liberationists, environmentalists, tenant/worker “organizers”, undocumented folks, and many comrades in our immediate communities all of whom have shown great interest in these trainings. We’ve even put on a handful of trainings already and are working on revising and re-formatting their cyber-security harm reduction manual.

Coupled with our cyber-security efforts we’re also planning on supporting radical “know your rights” workshops, with nuance on the limits of state-given and citizenship-based rights. These workshops will oriented towards those targeted by police and state harassment such as the poor, activists, anarchists, those targeted by ICE, and so on.

After going public, Community Network Infrastructure Cooperative, a group dedicated to building autonomous infrastructure around the world, contacted us and a partnership with us is in the planning stages. We’re extremely excited to work with them in mutual aid.

We’ve partnered with comrades locally and networked with comrades internationally who are building secure radical communication infrastructure. In the future we hope to support alternative mesh-nets that build our own digital infrastructure free from the exploitative corporate internet or if we must use the corporate internet use it in ways that maximize security and/or privacy. We look forward to working with people who are making more secure real-time collaborative document editing and other services asked for by frontline activists. These projects will help the poor communicate without being gouged by service providers as well as help radicals communicate using our own secure hardware and software.

We’ve also been brainstorming “care cadres” that would help facilitate street-medic work as well as event after-care for actions as well as many other things that have yet to fully solidify.

Excited about what’s to come, we eagerly continue to build capacity. With your help we’ll get closer and closer to maximizing our potential. Every little bit helps. Remember to share and hype to help spread the word.

For the defense and proliferation of free-life!

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