Action Analysis Announcement

Evergreen Vista Campaign Update (Olympia)

From Olympia Solidarity

Approximately two and a half weeks following our demand delivery to Evergreen Vista management we are pleased to announce that tenants have started to see some changes! The demand letter called for repairs to be made and for accessible garbage disposal to be installed. New maintenance staff have now been hired and work orders (many of which had been neglected for months) have started to be fulfilled. An accessible garbage bin (pictured below) has also been installed adjacent to the inaccessible garbage compactor for disabled tenants.

While we recognize these improvements, they fall short of meeting our demands fully. Many repairs, especially those to common infrastructures, such as outdoor lighting and stairways, have still not been made. Moreover, the demand for accessible garbage disposal clearly stated that accessible bins must be installed at each building in the complex. In a notice sent to all tenants, Evergreen Vista management also suggested tenants with mobility issues complete a Reasonable Accommodation Request form for any further issues with the garbage disposal system. We find the requirement that tenants acquire professional and medical verification for something as basic as garbage disposal degrading and a near impossible barrier for tenants who lack health care coverage.

Almost every tenant OlySol has been in contact with at Evergreen Vista apartments has reported that the current garbage disposal system is inaccessible to many disabled tenants and needlessly inconvenient. The complex previously had accessible bins outside each building at the complex, but has now opted for one large garbage compacter that is physically out of reach for people with mobility issues and children. Most egregiously, when tenants who can’t access the dumpster inevitably occasionally leave garbage bags adjacent to the dumpster, management has been known to identify the tenants who left the garbage and subsequently penalize them. It is for this reason that one of the demands we’re leveling on Evergreen Vista management in our current campaign is for the installation of accessible bins located at each building within this large complex. Access to basic sanitation, such as garbage disposal, is a human right.

For these reasons, OlySol’s campaign for improved conditions at Evergreen Vista will continue until the demands are fully met.

Here is a copy of OlySol’s letter to Evergreen Vista management and Mercy Housing about our intentions to continue the campaign.