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F.A.S.T. for Pepper Spray Treatment

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In-Depth Flyer For Download HERE

A coalition of street medics, mad scientists, and people tired of getting pepper sprayed have worked together for over a year to develop a more effective solution for treatment of OC spray contamination and injury.  The criteria for “more effective” included the ability to prepare the solution from readily available consumer ingredients, without electrical appliances.

The solution needed to remain stable over time and tolerate normal fluctuations in temperature. It needed to be as easy to apply as LAW (liquid antacid wash) but have a chemically fixative action, bringing the pain and tissue damage to a halt within five minutes or less.

These goals have been met, both in controlled tests, and most recently, on the streets of Portland. All test subjects and recipients of treatment agree it’s time to share. There’s a brief technical paper on the theory and development, and a couple of convenient posters for the TL;DR folks.

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