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Flyers, Booklets, and Resources Against the Proud Boys

reposted from It’s Going Down

A series of flyers and booklets for handing out to the public about the far-Right, nationalism, and the Proud Boys. Some of these materials have a lot of references specifically geared towards the Pacific Northwest, but could easily be updated for a mass or local audience.

Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys attempt to present themselves as reasonable moderates in opposition to violent extremists on the left. They identify as western chauvinists, an obvious code for white supremacists, and through laborious discursive back flips try to distance themselves from the violence inherent in their ideology. Neo-Nazis, fascists, and their reactionary allies attempt to obscure their true allegiances, vying for political legitimacy while simultaneously escalating street fighting and attacks on people of color, queer people, anarchists, and others. These groups and their tentative allegiances are fracturing under the weight of these contradictions. They have attempted to hide behind ‘they started it’ finger pointing and shrieks of “far-Left violence” in attempts to legitimize the violence and brutality displayed so consistently at their rallies that it can no longer be ignored even by those who would rather turn their backs to these conflicts.

Here are a collection of fliers that were created by some anarchists in anticipation of the August 18th rally of Patriot Prayer, Proud Boys, and various right-wing militia groups. The first is directly countering the narrative of “far-Left violence” and the others are based on the recent IGD piece “Proud For What” explaining who Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys are and elucidating our problems with patriotism and nationalism generally. We are reposting them here as we believe they have continued relevance in light of continued Proud Boy activity, the Oath Keepers’ announcement of militant training force to combat “far-Left violence” and similar narratives and preparations being advanced by other reactionary groups.

We have experienced some recent victories, but we will not rest. Fascism thrives in the dark, we will not let them organize from the shadows, from behind their cloud of misrepresentation. Wheatpaste these fliers in your neighborhood, make your own, out your local fascists. Never let them rest.

With Love,

—Some Anarchists

One Page PDF

Double Sided Half Sheet

One Sided Flyer

Two Paged Booklet