Attack Gentrification

Liberated Parking in Portland

submitted anonymously

In solidarity with decentralized actions around the world on March 6, we took to the streets of so-called Portland to dismantle parking meters armed with nothing but spray paint and expanding foam. The majority of parking meters in the city are located in the Northwest, in an effort to purge vehicle dwellers and poor people from the wealthy neighborhood. Nobody should be forced to live in a vehicle while $1m condos sit empty, and wealth doesn’t buy you the privilege of ignoring the consequences of city policy which directly benefits those at the top. While thousands in the city are living on unemployment due to COVID-19, we will not stand for the arrogance of parking meters. To hell with your upscale boutiques and quirky shops, to hell with your ivory towers.

We were able to spray foam directly into the meters and use spray paint to erase the codes the city uses to require people to pay via an app in their phone. These items are easily obtained at any store and the work is quick. We encourage copycats. Long live free parking.

-some anarchists