Lightrail Station Attacked in Seattle

On Friday July 18th, we attacked the Rainier Beach Station of the Seattle
Link Lightrail, by smashing the screens of the automated ticket machines and
gluing the card slots. The lightrail is one of the newest permutation of the
cities displacement strategies and the site of a recent police killing.

There have been 6 separate incidents of FBI harassment of Anarchists in the
past 6 months. Comrades have been detained, questioned and threatened.
Seemingly the stops stem from the on-going investigations into anarchists in
the PNW, of which the recent Grand Jury was one strategy.

Our intention is to remind both the state and anarchists alike that we are
paying attention to the patterns of repression forming. They will not be
ignored, and that our comrades are not alone.

If they continue to make it hard for friends and comrades to live, to
travel-we will continue to mount attacks that return the favor in kind.