Nissan Dealership Attack in Solidarity with 5E3 Prisoners Resulting in $100,000 Worth of Damage

In the early hours of Friday, July 18th, we attacked the Nissan Dealership in
the Olympia Automall by spraying brake fluid on and slashing the tires of new
yet-to-be-sold cars. We did this in solidarity with Amelie, Carlos, and
Fallon (Better known as the 5E3 Prisoners.).

These three were arrested in Mexico City in January 2014 in alleged
connection the firebombing of a Goverment Building and Nissan Car Dealershipin the center of the city. Whether these three be innocent or guilty, we knowthey desire a world that is free from domination, a world where anarchy has a potential to flourish and our enemies are forced to deal with consistent attacks. We know that Amelie, Carlos, and Fallon are brave individuals who will be able to handle whatever any state-force chooses to throw at them. We are inspired by their courage, and their confinement only make us wish to continue our attacks on institutions of domination, support for each other, desire for a world free of prisons and capital.

We attacked this dealership to let our comrades know that they are not alone,
that despite their imprisonment the anarchist struggle still continues on. We
hope to see more actions like this occur.

Remember; It’s Easy To Attack!

P.S. – According the Mainstream Media (link below) windows at the dealership
were also smashed. While we wish we could say that we take credit for this,
we are slightly puzzled how this action occurred, because all we used was
brake fluid and knives. Perhaps the dealership was hoping to get more
insurance money from this situation? As we all know capitalists are
parasites. If indeed some other vandal was there that night – hats off!