Seattle, Wa: Banner drop in solidarity with Tacoma, WA hunger strike

On Friday April 11th, three banners were dropped from different highway
overpasses in Seattle. This is in solidarity with the hunger strikers held in
the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, WA, a facility that currently
imprisons and deports immigrants from around the United States. This is also
for those on hunger strike in a similar facility in Texas, also run by GEO.

The banners read as follows:
Destroy Borders, Chinga la Migra;
Solidarity with NWDC Hunger Strikers;
Set Fire to ICE, Solidarity with the Hunger Strikers.

With this small act we send strength to those who refuse the authority of
their jailers. We send the message that they are not alone and their struggle
is not isolated.

Death to the Jailers,
Fire to the Prisons!

-some anarchists