Action Attack

Oregon: Mobile Slaughterhouse Sabotaged in Memory of Clément Méric

Over the weekend, a mobile slaughter unit operated by Shoe’s Mobile Slaughter
and Processing (14515 Coon Hollow Rd, Sublimity, OR) was decommissioned by
having a gallon of bleach poured into its fuel tank. When the liquid bleach
comes into contact with the diesel in the tank it
will create a chemical reaction that will cause rapid corrosion to the unit’s
fuel system–forcing it to seize up. For the time being this slaughter unit
will be unable to be used to spill the blood of another animal.

This method of sabotage was chosen because it is silent, effective, and
easily reproducible. Symbolic protest and consumer boycotts in and of
themselves are not sufficient in addressing the immediate violence that is
being carried out against non-human animals every second of everyday. Direct
intervention is necessary to free imprisoned non-humans and to destroy the
machines that facilitate their exploitation.

This action is dedicated to the memory of Clément Méric, a vegan and
anti-fascist who was beaten to death by neo-nazis in Paris a little over a
year ago. Just as we struggle against those who abuse and exploit non-human
animals; we also take an uncompromising stance against the far-right’s
attempts to not only infiltrate the animal liberation and environmental
movements, but also against their attempts to assert themselves in society in
general. Let Clément’s tragic death be a reminder of the necessity for the
movement to maintain a strong anti-fascist ethic and to oppose the fascist
scum at every turn.

‘Mourn the dead, fight like hell for the living.’