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NYE Noise Demo Held at King County Jail

received anonymously –

About two dozen folks showed out for a Noise Demo at the King County Jail at 8pm on New Years Eve. The call wasn’t public but made its way through whisper networks and group chats. Some folks brought a big banner visible for folks inside, others brought bullhorns, pots and pans, and metal objects to make cacophonous noise on the neighboring utility poles. As the demo went on folks could see the shadows of those locked up in the windows looking down on our small crowd.

Around 9pm some folks launched off several fireworks. Not long after multiple SPD cars showed up and aggressive officers confronted the crowd. One jumped out of his cruiser with a pepper ball gun. Some folks left but others stayed to heckle the cops and keep up a little more noise before finally dispersing.

The event received a short shoutout on King 5 news later that night.

Hopefully 2023 leaves that jail, and every jail and prison, a smouldering ruin