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Olympia Arby’s Attacked – STOP COP CITY

submitted anonymously –

On the wet, cold and windy night of Friday, November 10, a small crew of us attacked the west side Arby’s with rocks and hammers smashing out multiple windows and tagging “STOP COP CITY”.

We took this action as a part of the week of action in solidarity with Stop Cop City as Arby’s is a subsidiary of Inspire Brands LLC whose CEO Paul Brown is on the board of directors the Atlanta Police Foundation. Also it was on the bingo card which is very cute!

This action was easy to plan and execute. We looked for a good spot to change, a good entry point, a good exit point and we moved quickly between the two. 15 seconds, smash and tag as much as we can then dip. Stay to dark areas on approach – don’t worry about on the way out just run! Make sure your cardio is good especially if you’re carrying equipment. Use the weather to your advantage, bad weather means less people are going to be out and about. Wind can provide noise cover – heavy rain can provide both noise and visual cover as well as give an excuse to use umbrellas which can lessen suspicion if you have to walk to a target in Party Clothes(TM).

A little bravery goes a long way, as does some rocks. Go forth and cause trouble, we’re waiting for you.