Upcoming Info Night: The Medicine Creek Treaty & Puget Sound War (Olympia)

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Info Night: The Medicine Creek Treaty & Puget Sound War

November 23rd, 6:15 pm

The Mortuary (Olympia)

This (non-expert) presentation on the genocidal foundation of the state of Washington will attempt to illuminate the racist myths and violence upon which “Olympia” is built. Memory is a weapon in the struggle for decolonization.

Isaac Stevens, first governor of Washington, brought this land we live on under control of the US government via a combination of coercion, forgery, lies, and brutal violence. The Nisqually leaders and brothers Leschi and Quiemuth refused to give up their ancestral homelands and be condemned to a crowded, tiny, infertile, rocky outcropping of a reservation; and engaged in a series of attacks and skirmishes against the colonizers while the US government rounded up and imprisoned thousands of natives in internment camps. Leschi was eventually captured and hanged by the US government and Quiemuth was lynched after surrendering. This presentation hopes to honor the memory of the fallen fighters in order to better grasp the decolonial task at hand.