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Phone Zap: Demand Removal Far-Right Transphobe from Capitol Hill Dick’s

submitted anonymously

Zac Staggs is a member of Operation Cold Front and a member of the Proud Boys. Staggs acts as security for transphobic far-right YouTube crew Operation Cold Front as he and his fellow “commentators” troll the Seattle Metropolitan area filming and trying to start altercations. One of the ways they do this is by staging events where one of their members dresses up in black bloc or by carrying a Trans Pride flag and asking members of the LGBTQ+ community to debate them.

When not with Operation Cold Front, Staggs has been organizing rallies at Westlake Center, and terrorizing Capitol Hill neighborhood along with other Proud Boys.

Staggs is currently employed locally as a security guard by Starplex Crowd Management Services (CMS). One of the locations that he has been assigned to is the Dick’s Drive-in on Broadway in the very heart of the neighborhood that he has been terrorizing. We are asking people to please hit the phones to demand that this threat to the neighborhood be removed from his assignment immediately.

Please feel free to let CMS and Dick’s know who they have working for them.

Dave Christiansen – Vice President Operations 509-328-8778
Louise Maenza – Corporate Human Resources 503-222-5957
Mike Schueller – Director of Operations 541-485-3100
Website –

Dick’s Drive-In 206- 634-0300