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Removing the Pillars: Mass Call In To Call Out ICE Profiteers

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Over 500 children remain captives of the state well beyond the re-unification deadline.

Thousands of sexual assaults by ICE and immigration detention guards have been reported. (these are only the ones *reported”- the numbers are expected to be much higher)

Immigrant detainees have reported rampant abuses in immigration detention dungeons.

Roundups and raids, stalking our public transportation, killings at the border and even the detaining of an Undocumented woman who reported the sexual abuse of a 6 year old child are among the atrocities these institutions find profit margins within before going home to their families, while denying that right to thousands of others.

Meanwhile, corporations like GeoGroup, CoreCivic and Microsoft, various politicians and other private contractors continue to turn a profit off of the caging of children, the detaining of Immigrants and the mass imprisonment of Black people. The days of pedaling misery for profit are over.

With these companies and institutions in community cross hairs, we vow to keep the pressure on to let them know that the suffering and misery will stop, their profits will disappear and we will out them as complicit, blood for money prison profiteers.

Call in and Call out those profiting from these crimes against humanity. 

*This is a large list, an indication of how deeply rooted and funded the criminal, racist, rogue ICE institution is.

Geo Group:
(561) 893-0101
$183,909,729 in 2017 profits
GEO Group is ICE’s largest contractor. As Trump pours billions into ICE and border patrol, he opens revenue streams for his friends at GEO, and simultaneously defunds our communities. Safety is not created by cages, but when our neighborhoods have adequate housing, education and healthcare. We demand those billions be reinvested into our communities so we can address the root causes of the poverty and violence keeping us from flourishing freely.

Core Civic
ICE profiteers billion-dollar prison corporation that run the Stewart Detention Center in Lumpkin, Georgia

$19.4 million contract with ICE, providing technology services. CEO Satya Nadella has received a letter from his own personnel who asked the company to sever ties. By participating in this call, you’re supporting workers AND immigrants.

Northeastern University
$2.7 million contract with ICE for “exploratory methods mapping process services for data sets.”

Ernst & Young
$4 mil contract with ICE to provide “accounting, program management, budgeting and financial services”. Also $98,000 for “leadership training”.

Thomson Reuters
$4.7 mil contract through 2021 for “web of science subscription service.” CEO Stephen Rubley is on the board of directors for “ICE Foundation”, a pro-ICE organization.

Motorola Solutions
$3 mil contract to provide “core upgrade/GPS project/mobility project” and other “integrated hardware/software/services solutions.”

$1.2 million contract with ICE for “administrative data/records management support services.” as well as $13.5 mil for “program management office support services.”

Johns Hopkins University
$992,000 to provide tactical medical training and $455,000 to provide “historical training and decision-making skills”

$500,000 for software and $42,000 for laptop licenses. CEO Michael Dell “advocates for immigration reform that supports our businesses, customers and families.”

$130,000 and $4,000-unspecified reason (likely technological)

$53,000 for “multifunction copiers and repairs”, possible second contract of $44,000

$12,000 for “RRT supplies–which may mean rapid response team”. Short-term contract, HOWEVER Amazon has a notorious history of supporting for profit policing and prisons.

Time Warner Cable
$6,000 agreement to provide cable and internet services to two Texas ICE locations and another in Buffalo NY

$4,800 to provide ICE with cable through November

[email protected]
$3,600 contract with ICE to provide “license agreement for unlimited library access”.

United Parcel Services
$3,500 for “domestic delivery services”. Potential to raise up to $31,500 contract.