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Renewed King County Phone Zap to Release All Prisoners

submitted by Puget Sound Prisoner Support

We are renewing our call for officials to release all incarcerated people at the King County Correctional Facility (KCCF), Maleng Regional Justice Center (MRJC) and King County Juvenile Detention (KCJD).

There have been efforts made by the city to lower the number of people currently held at KCCF in downtown Seattle. This is a start, but not enough. In county jails across the country we are seeing explosions of infection cases even as the jails decrease their numbers. Corrections staff have even spoken to the impossibility of health and safety under corrections. The only responsible and effective way to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in jails and prisons is to empty them completely, and guarantee access to housing for all the released. King County has furloughed 60 work release prisoners, but continues to require they show up for work detail. With a state-wide “Stay At Home” order, is court ordered work-release considered an essential business? Governor Jay Inslee seems to think so.

Dow Constantine has ordered the transfer of 180 people currently housed at KCCF to MRJC. There is no usefulness in transferring prisoners from a jail where one corrections officer tested positive for Covid-19, to another. One person has tested positive in a youth jail in Chehalis, WA while at least three COs and one person have tested positive at Monroe Correctional Facility. There are still 50 pending tests in the WA-DOC as of this writing. The constant shuffling of humans between these different facilities is not an answer to a crisis.

Join Puget Sound Prisoner Support in demanding the immediate release of those incarcerated at King County Jail & Juvenile Detention!

Call these numbers to demand that King County release the people held in their jails and halt all new admissions during the COVID-19 pandemic. And that adequate housing is available to anyone upon release. Failing to release prisoners now will be paid for in human lives, and we refuse to abandon our neighbors and loved ones to die in cells.

Jenny Durkan’s Office Leave a Voicemail:
206 684 4000
or email [email protected]

KC Executive Dow Constantine
Call 206 263 9600
or email [email protected]

KC Jail Health Services
206 477 6310
or email the deputy Director of Public Health at Jail services
[email protected]


My name is ______, and I am a King County resident deeply concerned about the safety of the King County’s incarcerated people during the COVID-19 pandemic. Incarcerated people have a unique vulnerability to disease due to their crowded living conditions and lack of access to adequate medical care. For humanitarian reasons as well as reasons of public health, we call for the immediate release of all people in the King County Jail, Maleng Regional Justice Center and Juvenile Detention Center. As well as an end to the arrest or detention of anyone else as this pandemic and state of emergency continue. The cost of failing to take these steps will be paid for in human lives, and we refuse to abandon our neighbors and loved ones to die in lockup.

Call as many times as you can!

Images for posting to social media, please spread far and wide!