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Washington Prisoner Updates 4.1.20

submitted by Puget Sound Prisoner Support

Happy Rent Strike Day everyone. Here is the update we have gleaned from the last two days. We are hoping to make contact with more people in different facilities across the state in the coming days.

*According to the DOC website-there are 3 staff members at Monroe, 1 at WCC in Shelton, 2 at the Peninsula work release program and 1 at the “Community Corrections Section 6.” They are currently reporting the positive infection at Monroe Correctional Complex as a positive from the “Community Medical Center”-this is based on the fact that the person was transported from Monroe to an unspecified medical center and tested there. It is unclear if DOC has even bothered to do their own testing-or if they are shuttling people with symptoms to local hospitals. It appears that the DOC will not be forthcoming with info regarding positive cases on the inside. We are not surprised.

*There is a confirmed case inside Green Hill Juvenile Rehabilitation. The positive was confirmed on March 23rd. Green Hill is a medium to maximum security facility in Chehalis, WA for youth. There has been another confirmed case in Delridge which is the DCYF main offices. Finding information on people inside of youth incarceration is extra difficult, but we will try and get an update soon.

*Airway Heights is seeing an increase in “flu cells” or cells that have yellow cones and caution tape around them. It is unclear if these cells are currently housing people or are being separated for the eventual quarantines the DOC knows is coming, Either way it’s disconcerting. The facility is being split up by unit sides for things like the gym and yard. But people are still moving around to different places in tight groups-with no real option to social distance if you want to. It is unclear if people have been given access to cleaning supplies in this facility. Each facility appears to be following different protocols on protection.


Perilous Chronicle is looking for the voices of those locked up in Yakima. This is following a large scale jail break earlier this month where 14 people escaped the facility after a COVID19 scare put the facility on lockdown. When the lockdown was lifted people confronted a guard and forced their way out of the facility. All 14 were eventually recaptured.

*Things are becoming more dire at the Northwest Detention Center as a hunger strike of 80 people inside continues. They are demanding an end to deportations and humanitarian visas. The possibility of infection sweeping through the facility is gravely high and many are fearing for their lives.

*We have renewed our call to release everyone in the King County Jail in Downtown Seattle, the Maleng Regional Justice Center and the King County Juvenile Detention Center.

*People in Thurston County are continuing their push to pressure local city leaders and the state government to completely empty the jails.

*The family member of a person incarcerated at Monroe is circulating this petition to grant release for the most vulnerable prisoners across the DOC system. “Inside these county jails and state prisons it is impossible to practice social distancing or be able to obtain sanitizing products. These inmates did not ask, for this! None of us did.”