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Revealed–Northwest Neo-Nazi Groups’ Private Chat Server Leaked to Antifa

reposted from Rose City Antifa

Anti-fascist activists from Rose City Antifa, Pacific Northwest Anti-Fascist Workers Collective, and Eugene Antifa have been able to get access to the logs of a Discord server used by a variety of Pacific Northwest fascists and white supremacists, given the tongue-in-cheek name, the Cascadian Coffee Company (CCC). Discord is a chat app, originally developed for online gaming, but often used by the far-right and white supremacists groups to organize their groups and events. These logs contain thousands of messages detailing activities, organizing, and interactions of one particular bunch in the region. In an ongoing series of articles, the coordinating anti-fascist groups will publish revealing information about this particular set of Nazis organizing throughout the Pacific Northwest region, located from Ashland to Seattle. You can follow all of these stories by visiting our website at, or following us on Twitter @rosecityantifa and using the hashtag #PNWfascistlogs and #CCC.

The group on the CCC Discord is not a particular group, but instead a loose association of Nazis that are attempting to gather and work together. For lack of a better name, we are going to refer to them as the “Oregon Aryans.” They are scattered throughout Oregon and Washington, and loosely group themselves into Southern Oregon, Central Oregon, Northern Oregon, and Washington areas. The majority of the active members are in Central and Southern Oregon.

In addition to learning about the members of the CCC Discord themselves, through analysis of Discord logs, anti-fascist activists have learned details about other individuals and groups in the region, especially regarding how well they get along with (or don’t get along with) the Discord group. These groups are not mutually exclusive: many on the CCC Discord are members of more than one group. It was a disgruntled member of one such group that decided to reveal the logs to activists.

In this article, we will introduce and summarize these various groups, and show how they work (or fail to work) together in the Northwest region. This is not an exhaustive list of all white supremacist and fascist groups in the Northwest by any means. However, this list might serve as an introduction to many of the groups currently in the Northwest region, and those groups that will be referenced in further articles about the CCC Discord logs.

Oregon Aryans

The Oregon Aryans are not an official group, although they perhaps wish they were. Most of their time seems spent on the Internet, re-posting other people’s content on Twitter, or arguing amongst themselves. However, they have been organizing this summer, appearing at a number of Joey Gibson’s far-right events, as well as putting up fliers, and dropping banners over highways.

On the CCC Discord, Jimmy Marr and Australopithecus Jordan somewhat joking, but nevertheless racist, name their core group of fascists.

Jimmy Marr is a central figure in this group. He plays an avuncular role, and given that he has already been doxxed a number of times, his Springfield residence often becomes a gathering place for the group in Central Oregon.

Australopithecus Jordan is also a pivotal figure in the group. Much younger than Marr, he supplies youthful energy to the group, whipping them up for their limited actions, as well as providing a strong ideological voice.

Blackhat16 is another pivotal member of the Discord chat. He is a prospect for American Front as well (see below).

Wehrmacht, based in Medford, also is a key member in the forums. He is behind posters repping the group “National Resistance” that have appeared throughout Oregon. Per his own admission, this group does not actually exist, but is a means for him to recruit members and bring them to groups like American Front.

Wehrmacht admits to the Discord that the intent of his “National Resistance” posters are to make people think these sorts of front groups are active, when they are not.

American Front / American Patriots Brigade

American Front (AF) is a white supremacist group first founded in 1984 by Bob Heick. Although over the 1990s and 2000s the group fell off in popularity, after Jacob Laskey was released from prison in 2015, the group has been undergoing a resurgance.

Laskey was sentenced to federal prison for attacking a Eugene synagogue in 2007, as well as being a felon in possession of weapons. He was released in 2015, and immediately declared his intent to invigorate the flagging organization.

American Front is a group not as interested in activism as it is in building a separatist, white supremacist militia.

Those who want to join American Front must first become prospects, and join the feeder organization, American Patriots Brigade (APB). This setup is common with white supremacist and fascist groups. Laskey wrote the “American Patriots Brigade Constution,” as well as “The Grey Book: Program and Constitution,” which is the foundational document of American Front.

APB Constitution

Grey Book

groups 21
Discord users Australopithecus Jordan, Wehrmacht, and Blackhat16 discuss the strategy of American Front and American Patriots Brigade.

groups 24
Wehrmacht and Jimmy Marr discuss AF and APB as a “Nationalist Militia.”

groups 25
Blackhat16 explains to Wehrmacht that APB members are not allowed to mix swastikas with other prospect gear, for fear of depicting the white supremacist organization as explicitly Nazi.

groups 26
Blackhat16 mentions the fact that the AF and APB are attempting to acquire land in Central Oregon for a compound.

A number of the members of the CCC Discord are members of American Patriots Brigade, including Blackhat16 and Wehrmacht. “Support 16,” a slogan used by the APB, is a common patch and clothing motif for these prospects.

Support 16
Blackhat16 shows off his Support 16 shirt in a Discord post.

Stormer Book Clubs

The Daily Stormer is a nazi commentary site run by Andrew Aglin. Its forums are one of the larger hubs for white supremacist activity online, and even though the website has been continuously kicked off of hosting all around the world in the last few months, it still exists on the dark web.

For some time now, forum members have been meeting in groups in public, which they call Stormer Book Clubs. In March, the Portland Stormer Book Club was kicked out of the Lucky Lab pub. Many of those participants are members of the CCC Discord server, and became part of the Oregon Aryans (most notably, Jimmy Marr and Australopithecus Jordan).

As many of the CCC Discord nazis came from and still participate in Stormer Book Clubs, the two groups are somewhat synonymous. However, not all the members of the CCC Discord participate in the Book Clubs. And the Discord discussed ways of recruiting more Stormers to their Discord server.

groups 39
A new member joining the Discord is asked if they came from the Portland Stormer Book Club.

groups 38
Australopithecus Jordan discusses different tactics of recruiting, whether for more hardcore nazis, or other susceptible far-right individuals.

groups 41
Australopithecus Jordan mentions that there is a monthly meeting of white supremacists in Grant’s Pass, and suggests attempting to recruit them to the Discord.

True Cascadia

True Cascadia (TC) is a new group, promoting a white supremacist separatist territory in the Northwest, inspired by Harold Covington and Northwest Front. So far, their public actions have been relatively limited to podcasts, social media, and occasional flier postings, often around schools and university campuses. However, they are certainly active behind the scenes. They were one of the groups most represented at the white supremacist Northwest Forum held in Seattle, which is characteristic of their primary activity area. Members of True Cascadia also attended the “Unite The Right” rally in Charlottesville, in August of 2017. The group is spreading, and now have members in Northern Oregon as well.

Some members of the CCC Discord have applied for admission to TC and were rejected. It seems that TC is very choosey in whom they accept, which sets them apart from other white supremacist and fascist groups. Accordingly, the Oregon Aryans and others on the Discord engaged in some sour grapes mocking of TC. They acted as if TC were pretentious, and also ineffectual, mocking them for not accomplishing anything.

groups 20
On May 19th, members of the Oregon Aryans seem to have a high opinion of True Cascadia.

groups 18
On June 10th, Australopithecus Jordan and Jimmy Marr lament that they weren’t allowed to join True Cascadia.

groups 4
On June 28th, CCC Discord members discuss whether they should bother offering their fascist stickers to TC, after they were rejected for membership. They then posture about recruiting TC members to their own group.

groups 19
A day later on June 29th, Wehrmacht and Jimmy Marr mock True Cascadia for being ineffectual, saying that the Oregon Aryans are accomplishing more, but still not as much as Identity Europa (IE, see more on that group below).

twitter image
A Twitter direct message is shared to the group, in which the Twitter account for neo-nazi group Atomwaffen Division (see below) claims to not even know who True Cascadia is. The members of the Discord have a good laugh at that.

Atomwaffen Division

Atomwaffen Division (AWD) is a militant neo-Nazi group founded in 2015, associated with the website, where many of their members post and where the formation of the group was first announced. AWD drew national attention in May of 2017, when Devon Arthurs, a member of AWD who announced his conversion to Islam, killed his two roommates and fellow members of AWD for mocking his religion. Later, during the trial, Arthurs claimed that he killed them to prevent a mass-terror attack. In the group’s shared apartment, the FBI found bombmaking materials and radioactive compounds.

On the CCC Discord, a number of users are members of AWD, who are mostly located in the Seattle area. While they engaged harmoniously with the Oregon Aryans for a time, that soon ended when an argument broke out over tactics.

groups 2
After Devon Arthurs murdered his roommates in May, many on the CCC Discord lamented AWD’s association with Islam.

groups 6
A discussion about whether it is it tactically important to engage the masses or engage in vanguard revolutionary action.

groups 8
A description of AWD’s racial requirements. One member of AWD, Vidar, states that unlike other groups that have a strict “European ancestry” limit, for AWD, “as long as we can tell u ain’t mixed in any way ur cool.” He also mocks white supremacist Vanguard America, for “basically getting on their knees and begging to exist.”

groups 11
In a different channel, Australopithecus Jordan accuses the AWD of being smug and superior, and suggests they should leave the group if they don’t like the Oregon Aryans’ methods.

groups 12
Wehrmacht begins mocking AWD for having Muslim members.

groups 13
Australopithecus Jordan blames AWD for starting the argument, and threatens to fight them.

groups 14
As is typical, the fascists resort to racist and anti-semitic name-calling.

groups 15
Wehrmacht suggests to Blackhat16 that the AWD members are likely infiltrators.

groups 16
This pattern of reasoning continues, with Australopithecus Jordan jumping in to suggest AWD are federal agents.

This pattern of in-fighting among fascists and white supremacists is very typical. It often leads to groups revolting against each other, and as in this case, facilitated backstabbing behavior that resulted in giving anti-fascists access to the Discord logs and other private communications.

Northwest Front

Northwest Front is a group run by Harold Covington. Their main purpose is creating the Northwest Imperative: a white-only ethno-state in the Pacific Northwest. True Cascadia takes much of their ideas from Covington.

The Oregon Aryans are even more dismissive of Harold Covington and his organization than they are of True Cascadia.

groups 33
Jimmy Marr complains about Harold Covington, calling his approach “Big Tent racialism,” and compares him unfavorably to the “Unite the Right rally” in Charlottesville.

groups 35
Jimmy Marr calls Covington a “natural born loser.” User Artair mocks him for being fat, and says that he heard Covington has dementia.

groups 34
The group also complains about Covington’s self-centered behavior on Twitter, and says he can be avoided by referring to him by “HVAC” rather than by his true initials.

groups 36
Marr mentions the feud between Covington and the head of white nationalist group American Renaissance, Jared Taylor. Marr claims they feud over who gets the most money out of their followers.

groups 37
Blackhat16 insinuates that Covington is a police informant.

Identity Europa

Identity Europa is a white supermacist organization founded by neo-nazi felon Nathan Damigo, who robbed a cab driver at gunpoint, believing him to be Iraqi. IE attempts to portray itself as respectable and approachable, choosing the dog-whistle rhetoric of “white nationalism” and “race realism” while wearing khakis and polo shirts. IE members are not among the most frequent participants in the CCC Discord chats, but the group and its activities are referenced a number of times. They are occasionally disparaged, but their work is also acknowledged for mainstreaming fascist and neo-nazi ideology, and they are given credit for showing up on the ground to proselytize among groups like Joey Gibson’s “Patriot Prayer.”

Wehrmacht praises Identity Europa
Wehrmacht praises Identity Europa for making fascism look acceptable, and says they are doing more than the Oregon Aryans.

Earlier this year, Rose city Antifa published the results of extensive research on Jacob Ott, which preceded his decision to step down as regional coordinator for Identity Europa in Oregon. Ott has close ties to a number of members of the CCC Discord. More information about IE can be found in that article, as well.

Patriot Front (aka American Vanguard, Vanguard America)

Neo-Nazi organization Patriot Front’s evolution through various names and leadership coalitions traces a sordid path which has included doxxings, betrayal, child pornography, pedophilia, and the horrific vehicular murder of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville, Virginia at the hands of member James Alex Fields, Jr.

The group was originally known as American Vanguard, but then changed its name to Vanguard America. In the wake of the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, the group changed names again to Patriot Front, concluding a power struggle that put an 18-year old named Thomas Rousseau in charge. After each name change, disaffected former members split the group, some following the new name, others attempting to start other groups or drifting away.

In the CCC logs at hand, APB member Blackhat16 confesses to having once been a member of American Vanguard along with a current member of Atomwaffen Division named Matthew Maci. Participants in the logs discuss the group in mostly derisive terms, with the AWD faction in particular tending to deem them as a milquetoast organization intent on reforming America toward nazism instead of destroying it in a violent neo-nazi revolution (as AWD seeks).

groups 4
Blackhat16 says that himself and Matthew Maci were once members of American Vanguard

tactics 10
Wehrmacht attempted to make people believe there was an active American Vanguard group in Oregon by hanging posters, even though there was not a chapter here.

groups 4
Vidar pontificates stale metaphors on the superiority of Atomwaffen Division’s grandiose antisemitism compared to that of American Vanguard

More articles in this series will be published over the next week. If you have any additional information on any fascist and white supremacist activity, please email us.