Rojava Solidarity March

On August 22nd, 2015, SEATTLE will be a part of the global action against ISIS (DAESH) and the bombing of civilians by AKP (Turkey’s ruling party), and all people are invited to attend and march in solidarity with the people of Rojava, and in support of the Kurdish heroes who have been fighting ISIS and protecting Kurdistan from annihilation.

★★★ We will rally at 6:00PM at THE SPACE NEEDLE and march to the Federal Courthouse, and beyond! ★★★

ALL people are welcome to march! Bring your family! Bring the kids! This will be a peaceful family-friendly event!


Rojava is an active, historically unique socio-political experiment. It is a stateless direct democracy consisting of bottom-up self-governing structures. It is a feat of cooporative anarchism. It is a true alternative to the embraced nation state systems that do nothing but dominate and fail, mindlessly looping through history. LGBTQI are welcome. People are allowed to own guns, tanks, RPGs, and other weapons for self-defense.



In Rojava, YPG military units are inclusive to all people regardless of religion, gender or ethnicity. These forces were able to maintain the security of Rojava and defend it against the ISIL assaults. Also, progressive laws have already been passed to ensure gender equality. While the civil war has displaced over 9 million Syrians, Rojava is hosting over a million of refugees with very limited resources. Also, as ISIL crucifies Christians and enslaves Yezidi women for sex, they have included them in their military and administrative units.


The Constitution of the Rojava Cantons

The Social Contract of Rojava Cantons in Syria


Together, we stand against ISIS! Together, we support Rojava!