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SABF 2023 is on!!


The Seattle Book Fair is on! Join us for two days of anarchist books, zines, and workshops; August 26th and 27th at the VERA Project.

The Seattle Anarchist Book Fair is an opportunity for old friends to come together or out of the woodwork, for new connections be made, and for those new to anarchy to have an opportunity to engage with the many and varied perspectives of what has been called the Beautiful Idea.

While anarchists are often portrayed through our direct confrontations with the state and capitalism, a book fair allows a space where people have more of an opportunity to converse, exchange ideas and, hopefully, learn from each other.

Here we can find commonalities and intersecting goals, as well as further flesh out those places where our projects and desires diverge.

This will be the first Seattle Anarchist Book Fair since the start of the COVID19 pandemic and the wave of unrest following the murder of George Floyd and many others in 2020. We’re excited to test the waters.

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