Action Analysis Police

Seattle: The Night of the Breonna Taylor Verdict

Submitted Anonymously

The rain is light. The wind intermittent. We wait till it’s darker to move out. There’s about two hundred of us garbed in black. Masks on. Tools out. Anger in our hearts.


A few squad cars and small bike unit follows us closely behind. Signs, cones, dumpsters, etc are dragged into the street behind us to slow the police.


People join and others peel off after paint goes up and windows go out. Most of us are well aware that capital is complicity in Breonna’s murder, that is was in fact developers trying to gentrify the area who pushed for the police operation that ultimately resulted in the end of her life. There’s some tension about the attacks on property, but nothing like the peace policing we’d seen in the past. Some genuine if not heated conversation follows and so do the police.

A few arrests are made throughout the night. Several dearrests happen. Regret fills the hearts of those who wished they acted differently and pulled there comrades from the pigs. There are many more of us than them. They do not wallow, but move on to the next target.

We return to our starting point Cal Anderson Park. Condemnations of the genocide of native people’s by the American project and the brutality of this anti-black world follow. Familiar flute playing can be heard to the tune of A Las Barricadas, Daloy Politzei, Bella Ciao, etc.

We move out again.

Security cameras wires cut. Fireworks, rocks, and bottles chucked at officers. As the bike squad runs into some debris an officer falls and gets separated. He falls and takes a cone. He maces the crowd, then is hit in the head with a bat so hard his helmet cracks. Middle fingers and insults curse him as he flees.


We saw people out in the streets who had previously chastised the bloc as “ANTIFA” and not being about “BLM” in full bloc cheer as police were injured or bank windows went out. We saw methods proliferate and lessons learned after these 100+ days implemented.

By the end of the night the police had intentionally attacked legal observers and intentionally run over the neck and head of a prone injured person (the officer has since been given paid leave, basically a paid vacation, as footage of the incident makes the rounds the cops wait for the heat to die down). That being said we don’t need immediate justification to engage with them in a hostile manner. “We throw back what you throw at us.” is a good measure for keeping the conflict in the low intensity phase but none of this started in these last few days or months. The social peace the politicians and media have spoken of is a lie. There is only social war.

There’s no peace so long as there are cops occupying neighborhoods and enforcing poverty here or troops occupying countries over there or drones bombing villages. So long as there is the brutalized and the brutalizer, so long as there is the exploiter and the exploited, how is there peace? It is no accident that the police protect property over life, and uphold a white supremacist order. It’s no accident that courts back them. Justice is never coming or perhaps it is already here and it serves the ruling order. Regardless if we want to abolish the police and the anti-black world they maintain, we must do it ourselves.

Take advantage. Strike like lightening.

See you in the streets.