Take Action this May Day to Stop Tigray Genocide

submitted anonymously

This May Day, take action to stop the Tigray Genocide!

On May 1 at 12 Noon there will be a community march starting at the Volunteer Park Water Tower to demand that Starbucks honor the call for a boycott of Ethiopian Coffee while genocide is ongoing.

For six months the Ethiopian government and its Eritrean and other allies have carried out a genocidal political repression targeting the Tigrayan people. Tens of thousands murdered and millions displaced. Rape, starvation, and cut communications to millions have become weapons. Tigrayans living in other parts of the country face intense discrimination.

Through this horror Tigrayans are building lines of mutual aid and defense, with each other and other oppressed neighbors like the Oromo. They have also put out global calls for support.

Ethiopia’s massive coffee trade is a vital income source for the government. People around the world are taking action around May Day to demand Starbucks honor an ongoing call for a boycott of Ethiopian coffee until the Tigray occupation ends.

Read the call for a global week of action, with resources and info on the Tigray situation.

Wear a mask
Bring signs and banners
Don’t Police Each Other

We support a diversity of tactics, and strongly encourage people to get creative with their actions against Starbucks at times and places away from the march itself. All it takes is a few friends and a bit of careful planning!

Here on stolen Duwamish land, in the birthplace of Starbucks, we also amplify the ongoing boycott of Starbucks itself due to its substantial donations to the Seattle Police Foundation and police elsewhere. Black Lives Matter EVERYWHERE.