The Anti-Juvie Block Party Reportback


On May 1st a pop up block party commenced on the south end of the so called king county juvenile corrections center. This party was organized effectively, and mutual aid seemed to be the theme along with sharing a message of solidarity.

Guest speakers and performers rocked participants with performances and kept the crowd amped. Events like this are critical to keep people aware, help build up future projects, and simply to help build stronger communities. As we know, when communities become thick with communication and share a healthy self governing agenda, police become obsolete. The blue badged swine kept their distance during the festivities.

Many green comrades and curious youth participants also participated dressed using the bloc tactic. Tensions were high as police instigation has become a regular occurrence in guerilla and organized events. Organizers established a “no adversary welcome” policy with a handheld radio team. Curious fledglings left with a better sense of community, and older folks got down and danced their asses off.

Later in the evening a party was asked to leave for reasons of discomfort with the group. They refused, we insisted, and they were ejected from the party. Even the pigs watched in surprise as we addressed our own problems. Mutual aid was alive and well, with the organizers providing crowd outreach and offerings of a [fucking delicious] BBQ, bottled water, and the police scum from crashing our event.

I can’t speak for everyone, let alone anyone but myself, but I felt a lot closer with my comrades, a hell of a lot less hungry, and more than content with the tightening up of our community. Thanks to everyone for having the best damn bloc party. See you at the next one!