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The Base Member Jerod Matthew Elder: White Supremacist National Guard MP Seeks To Shoot Migrants At The Border

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A network of anti-fascist activists from coast to coast have obtained the chat logs of a neo-Nazi organization calling itself “The Base.” Anti-fascists infiltrated the Base in order to investigate and identify its members and disseminate this information to the public.

In an ongoing series of articles, the coordinating anti-fascist network will publish revealing information about this group and profile its members. You can follow all of these articles by following the hashtag #DeBasedDoxx.

Anti-fascism is fundamentally a localized movement of working-class peoples. We are not paid for our work and we take great risks every day: not for fame or money, but to protect our communities.

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The Base members: “Arcturus” (left) and Jerod Matthew Elder aka “Doomsayeth” (right) posing for a photo during a recent meet up in California

The Base is a “Balk-right” network of white nationalist paramilitaries hoping to Balkanize the United States and divide it up into a series of white ethnostates. Its current members are largely located in the U.S.A., but include several members in other countries who have plans to move to the U.S.A. in order to establish themselves in these white ethnostates. The members operate in regional cells of 3-7 people which include current and former military personnel, eco-fascists, preppers, and youth under the age of 18 who have been drawn into the online communities of Nazism.

Their leader, “Norman Spear,” is a white separatist and national socialist. While there have been some accusations of him being a federal agent infiltrating white supremacist circles, “Norman Spear” claims to be ex-military, having been deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. His goal is to build communal white supremacist training grounds across the world. To this effect, he is working on purchasing a plot of land in the Pacific Northwest, and plans to start training members in a meet up in California on January 11, 2019, followed by a second training in the summer of 2019.

At this January California meet up, members of the Base will train in the paramilitary and survival skills needed to commit acts of mass violence and elude authorities in rural areas. As Spear tells his followers in the chats, “For now we need non-attributable actions but that will still send a message and/or add to acceleration as much as possible.” The main goal of the Base is to contribute to and support the acceleration of the destruction of the US government so that its members can essentially create new, governing entities in regional, whites only ethnostates created by its members.


Jerod Matthew Elder aka “Doomsayeth,” ex-Marine and neo-Nazi

“The Jews that Bowers shot at the synagogue are worthless.

The international jew will never leave.”

-Jerod Matthew Elder aka “Doomsayeth”

The Base member Jerod Matthew Elder, who goes by the username “Doomsayeth,” is a 37 year old white supremacist who resides at 23925 Pepperleaf Street in Murrieta, California with his wife, 31 year old Tonya Rose Elder (nee Dell’Acqua), and their three children. Jerod Elder graduated with the class of 1999 from Temecula Valley High School and comes from a largely conservative family which includes an anti-abortion father who is a pastor in Oregon, and two brothers in California who are also military. Jerod Elder holds anti-feminist and anti-abortion beliefs and embraces the practice held by most white supremacists that their women are not to work, but instead, be a white baby making factory in order to contribute to the existence and future of white people. To this end, Jerod and Tonya are expecting their fourth child this month.

Jerod Elder, aka “Doomsayeth,” reveals his age and inquiry into the American fascist group, Patriot Front (which rejected him due to his age)

In the Base chat logs, Jerod Elder tells us that he is filled with rage and plans to “destroy the system.” As we learn from reading the chats, Elder directs his rage at non-white people, especially Jews, Blacks, and brown peoples. He aims to raise his children in a white ethnostate and teach them to also hate a system that includes non-white people. In short, Jerod and Tonya Elder are breeding children in order to mold them into white supremacists.

I’m filled with rage all the time.
Anger about the future they stole from my children. The lies I was raises [sic] to believe in, the people who died because of those lies. The rampant degeneracy that I’m forced to watch and accept everyday. Knowing that if I fight it, thr [sic] system will kill me and erase any memory of my existence. Or even worse slander and disgrace my memory.

But I can’t quit. I will never stop.

Then I will destroy the system anywhwre [sic] it touches me

I will raise my children outside of it, and i will show them why they should hate it too.
The system only has strength because it is veiled in lies. And when you lift the veil, it fills people with rage. If you channel that rage, we will win.”

Jerod and Tonya Elder, Murrieta, California residents

Jerod and Tonya Elder have purchased land in Vernon, Arizona which serves as their “Base of Operations” (B.O.) or prepper location. It is this location, Lot 24, CR 3101, Vernon, AZ 85940, which Jerod offers as one white ethnostate regional spot in the Base’s plan to Balkanize the US. Like many other members of the Base, Elder looks to the Suidlanders’ model of preparation for a race war and eventual collapse of government and infrastructure due to a perceived “white genocide” threat.

Small, heavily armed, cohesive off grid communities will be our gateway to victory.


I think it is a concept worth wargaming seriously. For example, at my BO I have the resources to supply quite a few people. If there was even a mild disruption and people felt it was worht [sic] it to leave the cities, for safety or other reasons, in a matter of months, depending on the number of people, it could definitely become a regional power center.
Because while everyone else is strugfling [sic] to understand what happened, we would already be in the organizational/ operational phase. Now ifnwe [sic] had the resources to repeat that in even 10 regions within a few hundred miles of eachother, [sic] and a good system of comms
We gain a significant amount strength with relatively small numbers.
That’s why like the suidlanders model
They have a great backup comm system in place.”

Property records for the Elders’ “Base of Operations” or prepper site in Vernon, Arizona

Jerod Elder displays photos from his “Base of Operations” site in Vernon, Arizona on his Gab account @Doomsayeth “Decibrius poonbaten”

Jerod Elder aka “Doomsayeth” describes, in detail, his “Base of Operations” location in Vernon, Arizona as being about 530 miles from his residence in Murrieta, California. The Base leader “Norman Spear” states he is planning a similar set up in the Pacific Northwest.

The Elders’ residence in Murrieta, California (about 530 miles from their “Base of Operations” in Vernon, Arizona)

It is indeed alarming that Jerod Matthew Elder is a white supremacist who has established a “Base of Operations” to serve as a whites only enclave in the event of the collapse of US infrastructure. We should certainly take note that he is already organizing with an international group of neo-Nazis. And, we should not excuse his wife, Tonya Elder, who provides support and is therefore complicit in these white supremacist activities. What is, perhaps, most frightening about Jerod Elder’s activities, is his involvement with the U.S. military and his direct, current work with the US-Mexican border.

Jerod Elder claims to be a 17 year military veteran, deployed 3 times into combat, and completed boot camp in 1999. He claims to have served in the Marines for 8 years beginning with the 3rd AABN Charlie Company 3rd Platoon,  an amphibious assault vehicle crew. Currently, Jerod tells us that he is an “MP” (Military Police), possibly with the California National Guard, and posted orders to go to the US-Mexican border on his Gab account. Jerod talks at length about Trump’s wall and the caravan of immigrants and refugees coming to the US-Mexican border. As he gloats in the chats, Jerod, in his role as Military Police in the California National Guard, looks forward to his work along the border with the caravan and hopes he can “pop some jungle nogs.”

Jerod Matthew Elder, serving in the US Marines

I’m pretty excited about this migrant caravan.

hopefully ill get to pop some jungle nogs with shotgun bean bags”

Jerod Elder, aka “Doomsayeth,” tells the participants in the chat that he is an “MP.”

Jared Elder, aka “Doomsayeth,” posts photos of Trump’s wall on his Gab account

Jared Elder, aka “Doomsayeth,” confirms that he is being deployed to the border through the California National Guard

Jerod Elder, aka “Doomsayeth,” posts photos of himself in military attire while operating a military vehicle

Jerod has expressed that he has a hard time following the authority of military commands and that he doesn’t follow gun laws. He, along with other current and former military members of the Base, discusses his military background in the chats, and uses his military training to train other white supremacists in this movement. Elder shares tactics and intel, that he has learned from the military, with his fellow Base members, in order to plot terrorism which they believe will bring about an acceleration of the destruction of the US infrastructure so they might have their white revolution.

Jerod Elder, aka “Doomsayeth,” admits on his Gab account that it is difficult for him to take orders from the military

Jerod Elder, aka “Doomsayeth,” shares news about border activity and declares that the immigrant situation will be an opportunity for the Base to recruit additional racist members.

Jerod Elder’s role in the Base is prominent. He is a white supremacist, he has established a “Base of Operations” which can serve as a “regional power center” in their white ethnostate model, and he has extensive training from the military. On his social media and in group chats, Elder is not shy in expressing his racism. He admits terror is a tactic the Base embraces for use in achieving their goals, and he is currently involved in military activity directly involved with the migrant caravan. For all these reasons and more, we must bring to light Jerod Elder’s activities and stop them however we can. Jerod jokes that if he ever snaps and does something crazy, he will just “whip out that PTSD card.” But, now we know all his plans are premeditated.


Examples of Jerod Elder’s anti-Jewish sentiments as expressed on his Gab account and in the Base chats

Jerod Matthew Elder, aka “Doomsayeth” The Base member Birthdate: 5/18/1981 Residence: 23925 Pepperleaf Street, Murrieta, California 92562 Base of Operations Compound: Lot 24, CR 3101, Vernon, Arizona 85940


This is the first article in a series exposing members of the neo-Nazi group The Base. In collaboration with an anti-fascist network that stretches from coast to coast, Eugene Antifa and Washington Nazi Watch have outlined a profile of Jerod Elder so that the public can be made aware and take appropriate measures to make their communities safer. Follow @_eugeneantifa and @WANaziWatch on Twitter, email [email protected] for more information on members featured in our article series or to forward tips on The Base activity. Follow the hashtag #DeBasedDoxx on social media to monitor the anti-fascist network’s reporting on The Base.