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What Happened in Portland: Joey Gibson’s Assault Victim Speaks Out

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While many were celebrating the defeat of Roy Moore in Alabama, a neo-Fascist group called Patriot Prayer was protesting a Hillary Clinton appearance in Portland, Oregon. Joey Gibson, the leader of Patriot Prayer who reportedly assaulted one woman countering them. This is her account.

For more information about the Portland Rally click here.

I was at the Anti-Hilary rally, counter protesting against Patriot Prayer (PP) with a heavy police presence in the area. I was standing with the bloc, facing PP on the other side of the street, and I noticed that the fash were starting to march down the street.

They started crossing the street, so I followed them and crossed to the other side. I also noticed that the rest of the bloc was waiting for the crosswalk, to come join. The fash were still on the opposite side of the road, and they crossed the street again, coming towards me ,and a couple other comrades.

As they passed me, this woman with long hair , who I had also encountered at the last protest, she walks past me and tried to grab the sign I was holding and pushed me. I pulled back on my sign, and pushed her. And then, out of nowhere, Joey Gibson comes up behind me, and restrains me, forcing me to the ground. I didn’t realize it was him at first, I thought it was an actual police officer, so I complied. All of the fash started crowding around us, and I was scared I was going to be trampled. Then I heard him say something about citizens arrest, trying to say I had a warrant.

I told him to get off of me, because I have Epilepsy, and I could not breathe. And then, Deme Cooper got up in my face, while I was being restrained unlawfully. My body became exposed, and my hat fell off while I was on the ground. Another comrade came up, and told them to let me up. Joey asked me if I was going to run, I said no. He helped me up. I told him to fuck off, and spit in his face. A couple other men restrained me as well. A woman threatened to taze me. I got free, and got away from them. I walked around the area for a second, and saw the the police were doing nothing, and actually prevented the rest of the Bloc from helping me. The police didn’t stop Joey Gibson from assaulting me. I left to a safe location, to collect myself before returning.

I feel incredibly violated by Joey Gibson and the rest of Patriot Prayer. I took me an hour to calm down, and I am still feeling quite tense and wired. They infringed my rights as a human, and as an American. Joey Gibson assaulted a queer disabled woman. Joey Gibson could have killed me, and the rest of Patriot Prayer , as well as Portland Police, would have done nothing to prevent that.