A Call for a Decentralized, Anti-Capitalist May Day

submitted anonymously

For the past few years, May Day in Seattle has slowly been shifting away from the centralized, “Anti-Capitalist March” model and this is a public call to further commit to a coordinated yet decentralized and direct action-based mode of operation. For too long we have gathered together in one location, allowing SPD and every other police department in King County by way of Mutual Aid Agreements to focus their repression efforts in one location. This has led to a variety of issues, from mass arrests that take up valuable resources and organizing capacity to offering only 2 activities on May Day for people to choose from- a pleasant yet purely symbolic march earlier in the day or the rowdy attempt at direct action by way of the Anti-Capitalist March which many people can not or will not participate in for a variety of reasons. If we seriously hope to confront capitalism and make any sort of impact, then we need to work toward creating an environment that will offer a multitude of ways to plug in, get active, and be disruptive.

Our Vision

We envision a May Day where groups from across the city and wider region take the initiative to plan their own direct actions at various times and locations throughout the day. Whether it is a block party at the juvie, a march against gentrification in a neighborhood facing mass-displacement, or a less public form of direct action, we want to see it all. By spreading our actions across the city and region, we will circumvent the massive police mobilizations that accompany each May Day, giving each action-group a broader spectrum of tactics to choose from that best suits the participants’ needs and goals.

The trick to pulling this off is that we need to get organizations, affinity groups, and individuals on board as soon as possible to begin planning their own actions. This means that you will likely have to step up and take some control of your own plans for the day which we understand can be a daunting task. Rest assured though, there is no better feeling than creating an action that is at every level a space of your own (whether it’s you as an individual or your respective organizations or crews). This allows you to find the most meaningful ways to disrupt capitalism at a level that best suits you, without having to abide by somebody else’s plans you may disagree with tactically or otherwise. Trust us; it is as rewarding as it is exhilarating.
We are open to coordinating with as many different groups as possible, so long as those involved can adhere to these points of unity:

1. Our actions will be undertaken in the spirit of anti-capitalism and anti-oppression.
2. We will observe the St. Paul Principles ( in regards to other actions that happen this day.
3. We will engage in direct action rather than merely symbolic action.

If you are interested in coordinating with us, please send an email to [email protected] so that we can begin discussing how to move forward towards accomplishing this goal of a decentralized, anti-capitalist May Day.