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From the Puget Sound to Stumptown: All Out to Defend PDX

Submitted Anonymously

For nearly two years the Pacific Northwest and beyond has been dealing with Joey Gibson’s bullshit. Seattle has dealt with it. Olympia has dealt with it. Even San Francisco has had to deal with it. None of these cities though have had to deal with the same intensity and frequency of these actions as Portland has though. Portland has repeatedly shed it’s own blood in the process of defending itself from attacks at the hands of a collection of Proud Boys, neo-nazis, and Patriot Prayer losers led by Joey Gibson. To make matters worse, the community in Portland had faced intense state violence and repression. The end result has been a community that is battered, bruised, and still organizing at an incredible level.

Despite the seemingly endless stream of adversaries and attacks, Portland has persevered. They have maintained the longest-running ICE occupation in the nation, one that is still going today while simultaneously enduring the most violent far-right riot in the Northwest in years if not ever. Not only that, the Portland community has also repeatedly traveled up and down the I-5 corridor to lend assistance to our own communities as we face similar threats. They have shared resources, intelligence, and solidarity with us. Most importantly, they have inspired radicals and rebels across the world for years on end and continue to do so.

On Saturday August 4th, Joey Gibson has set the stage for him to bring yet another violent riot to the streets of Portland. The rhetoric this time around is even disturbing, as Joey is claiming that Portland Police Bureau has given him and his minions free reign to engage in “mutual combat”, something that is objectively illegal in Oregon (not that it matters) and they are raising funds and chomping at the bit to fly in from all across the country to attack anybody they can get their hands on.

It is incumbent upon everyone from all corners of the Puget Sound region and beyond who considers themselves an opponent to white supremacist, ultra nationalist, and far-right violence to turn out to Portland on Saturday, August 4th. This is not an action that can be won by only antifascist brawlers nor is it one that can be won only by a group of people chanting at them from across the street. In order to confront and defeat this reactionary force, the opposition must overwhelm the aggressors by such a magnitude that they cannot even march or engage in violence despite their desire to. Portland has shown up for us, now it is time for us to show up for them in a big way.

Show up for Mulugeta Seraw.
Show up for Robert Buchanan Jr.
Show up for Ricky John Best.
Show up for Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche.
Show up for Heather Heyer.

Just show up.

Right now the call is to kick things off at 11:30 AM at Tom McCall Waterfront Park in Downtown Portland but the situation is dynamic and that could always change. Please follow Rose City Antifa, Eugene Antifa, and PNWAWC on their social media to stay up to date.

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Twitter accounts: @PNWAWC @EugeneAntifa @RoseCityAntifa