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Attempted Vehicular Manslaughter and Proud Boy Violence at Patriot Prayer Event

Submitted By Anonymous

This post has been edited to revise a previously incorrect identification.

On Sunday, September 10th, 2017 after the Patriot Prayer event had retreated across the Columbia River from Portland, OR to Vancouver, WA. Antifa counter protestors had the supremacists on the run when a driver reversed his Chevrolet Silverado into the crowd at speed. Protestors were able dodge the attack and thankfully nobody was hurt. The driver sped away, only to be blocked and arrested by a police officer.

The driver has been identified as Billy Wilson. He works at 205 Auto Salvage which can be contacted by phone at 503-256-3232 or by email at [email protected]. Please inform the business they employee a violent white supremacist.

Billy Wilson was released by police. Here he is bragging about it on video standing on his truck draped in American flags.

The Mt Baker Proud Boys of Bellingham, WA, Donovan Flippo and Dominick Owen (with two unidentified others) drove past counter-protestors in Vancouver, WA spraying pepper spray.

A white chevy avalanche truck full of Proud Boys, driven by Donovan Flippo, drove past the crowd while passenger Dominick Owen pepper-sprayed people in the crowd. The police stopped the vehicle, but they were let it go without a charge. Donovan Flippo didn’t make it far before he crashed his white Chevrolet Avalanche into a police car.