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Call-In to Demand King County Officials Release Prisoners Amid Covid-19 Crisis

submitted by Puget Sound Prisoner Support

We are calling on officials at King County Correctional Facility (KCCF), Maleng Regional Justice Center (MRJC) and King County Juvenile Detention (KCJD) to release all persons currently being held at those facilities.

It is our belief that all forms of incarceration are an assault on dignity and humanity of those in its cages. In this unprecedented time it is of utmost importance that all people have the capacity to keep themselves safe, to practice necessary measures to prevent the community spread of COVID-19. This is impossible while King County continues to hold people in the Jail, Juvenile Detention Center and Maleng Regional Justice Center. It is impossible to practice “social distancing” while incarcerated in jail or prison. It is imperative that everyone be released from the KCCF, MRJC and KCJD, this is the only acceptable measure. At least one King County Jail CO has tested positive for COVID-19, to force people to remain inside this facility is tantamount to locking the cells and walking away as the flood waters rise.

Call in to demand the immediate release of those incarcerated at King County Jail & Juvenile Detention!

Call these numbers to demand that King County release the people held in their jails and halt all new admissions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Failing to release prisoners now will be paid for in human lives, and we refuse to abandon our neighbors and loved ones to die in cells.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan’s Office
or email [email protected]

King County Executive Dow Constantine
or email [email protected]

King County Jail Health Services
or email the Deputy Director of Public Health at Jail Services [email protected]

“My name is ______, and I am a King County resident deeply concerned about the safety of the city’s incarcerated people during the COVID-19 pandemic. Incarcerated people have a unique vulnerability to disease due to their crowded living conditions and lack of access to adequate medical care. For humanitarian reasons as well as reasons of public health, we call for the immediate release of all people in the King County Jail, Maleng Regional Justice Center and Juvenile Detention Center. As well as an end to the arrest or detention of any more people as this pandemic and state of emergency continue.The cost of failing to take these steps will be paid for in human lives, and we refuse to abandon our neighbors and loved ones to die in lockup.”

Call as many times as you can!