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Save the Date: May Day Renegade Dance Party

submitted anonymously

May Day has always been an opportunity for us anarchists, autonomists, anti-authoritarians, and general ne’er-do-wells to come together to not only celebrate our collective capacity as a class but also our own individual ability to take action to strike out against a world that was never built with our needs in mind. However in recent years with the full power of every police department in so-called King County bearing down upon our city each May Day it has become increasingly difficult for us to find each other, to find our collective capacity, and to most importantly find a way to have fun together.

With that in mind our collective has decided to enthusiastically heed the recent call for a decentralized May Day by setting our sights on organizing a renegade dance party that evening. This will be a free space where everyone is encouraged to come as they are and as they wish, ready to boogie, and ready to have some good ol’ fashioned fun. The goal of this party is to help facilitate a space where we can find each other after a long day of decentralized actions and activities, reflect on our experiences of the day, and engage in some joyful yet rowdy fun on our own terms.

Details such as the starting location will be released in the immediate days leading up to the holiday in coordination with the @MayDaySea2020 Twitter account and other partners within the community. In the meanwhile, consider this your invitation to save the date of Friday May 1st at 10:00PM and begin doing some of your own planning to determine how you and your respective crews and organizations can show up and help make this a fun, obstreperous evening out on the town.