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David Woods–The Rapper Who Became A Nazi

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David Woods
David Woods: failed rapper and violent Nazi

Anti-fascist activists from Rose City Antifa, Pacific Northwest Anti-Fascist Workers Collective, and Eugene Antifa have been able to get access to the logs of a Discord server used by a variety of Pacific Northwest fascists and white supremacists, given the tongue-in-cheek name, the Cascadian Coffee Company (CCC). Discord is a chat app, originally developed for online gaming, but often used by the far-right and white supremacists groups to organize their groups and events. These logs contain thousands of messages detailing activities, organizing, and interactions of one particular bunch in the region. In an ongoing series of articles, the coordinating anti-fascist groups will publish revealing information about this particular set of Nazis organizing throughout the Pacific Northwest region, located from Ashland to Seattle. You can follow all of these stories by visiting our website at, or following us on Twitter @rosecityantifa and using the hashtag #PNWfascistlogs and #CCC.

One central figure in the group we are calling the Oregon Aryans that has emerged from the logs is David Woods, aka “Fashy Chad.” Hilariously, Woods was once a “world music rapper” before becoming a violent white supremacist. In this article we will briefly describe the fascist activities of Woods, and reveal his address.

Allow us to present “Deedub,” the rapper who became a nazi.

typical fascist
David Woods, going by “Astralopithecus Jordan” on the CCC Discord, displays typical racist and fascist mentalities.

As neo-Nazis and insurgent fascist movements began to wriggle their way out of hiding in the early days of 2017’s incipient Trump administration, a few brazen faces became instantly recognizable. David Woods was first noticed by anti-fascists after he appeared on the University of Oregon campus on April 20th, 2017, in the company of well known Springfield Nazi Jimmy Marr. Subsequently, Woods was seen at Marr’s house in the company of many fascists on April 24th, and in Portland at Joey Gibson’s April 29th rally in the Montavilla neighborhood. There, Woods was wearing protective equipment, and his messages to the CCC Discord server show that he was spoiling for a fight.

David Woods lists armor and other items he is planning on bringing to Joey Gibson’s April 29th E 82nd Avenue march.

neo-nazi David Woods at Joey Gibson's Montavilla march. Neo-Nazi David Woods at Joey Gibson’s Montavilla march

The CCC Logs show Woods to be one of the ringleaders within the Central Oregon Aryans, maintaining his leadership with shows of bravado, aggressiveness, and by violently imposing fascist and Nazi ideas. He is one of the few members who have no compunction about showing their face in public. He also participated in many of the fascist banner drops carried out over I-5 during the summer.

Woods displaying a fascist propaganda message with Jimmy Marr.

Woods holding forth about the fascist imagery of the sonnenrad, and its benefits over the swastika.

Woods rants anti-semitic and fascist propaganda.

David Woods’ path toward virulent Nazism may seem unusual, but his story highlights the fact that there is no “type” when it comes to fascism. Conversions like his are not simply something that occurs within the “white working class,” people from particularly violent backgrounds, or any other trope commonly assumed to explain the appeal of genocidal ideologies. Sometime in his early 20s, while working as a geologist and “helping with several large-scale building projects in Las Vegas,”, Long Beach CA resident David Woods also began to record music, make beats, write lyrics, and eventually blossomed into the uncreatively-named white rapper persona “Deedub.” In the years that followed, Deedub and his musical and romantic partner KLB (Kelli Lynn Bindernagel) founded Deedub Records; managed to open for Snoop Dogg and Eek-A-Mouse; and, as recently as Fall 2015, performed at Orange County Fashion Week repping “Deedub Records Apparel.” “We’re lucky to get these opportunities to spread the stoke,” effused Deedub and KLB on the occasion of their appearance in an international online music competition called “LA Music Awards.” By early 2016, it seems “the stoke” had run dry and Deedub Records’ brand took a hard pivot toward the rhetorical style of the emergent U.S. “alt-right” subculture. (The parallel to the failed rap career of notorious anti-semite Tim Gionet, aka Baked Alaska, is uncanny.)

deedub 1
David Woods, aka “deedub,” one more failed anti-semitic rapper.

deedub 2
Still from one of David Woods’ rap videos, clearly before his adoration of “white sharia.”

deedub 3
Virulent fascist and racist David Woods, wearing a Bob Marley T-shirt, in a previous life.

deedub twitter
The @deedubrecords twitter account begins to draw complaints for harassment

In mid-May of 2016, the @deedubrecords twitter account renamed itself @altright1488; later that fall, the account was suspended for persistent harassment, death threats, and racism. Deedub’s re-brand seems to have coincided with the couple’s decision to move from California to Oregon. Woods’ newfound sense of grievance is on full display in a one-star review he left for a Corvallis hotel in late May of 2016.

When your only tool is a nazi hammer, everything looks like you’re getting nailed with “reverse racism.”

Woods is not just a malicious Nazi and racist, he also unironically embraces “White Sharia,” the violently misogynistic ideology invented by Daily Stormer founder Andrew Anglin.

Anglin White Sharia
Andrew Anglin’s post on the Daily Stomer, promoting his misogynist argument for subjugating women for racial purposes.

Woods White Sharia
David Woods explains how he forces his wife to cover her skin at a pool, in accordance with White Sharia.

Woods’ fascist activities are particularly concerning, not only because his ideology is extreme, but also because there is reason to believe that he is well-armed, and trained in the use of firearms. Through his unregistered business, “Oregon Firearms Defense,” Woods offers tactical pistol training to other fascists. Woods runs this business out of the Albany Rifle and Pistol Club, where he has special access, and often brings Nazis there after hours to train. (At this time, we have no evidence that the Albany Rifle and Pistol Club is aware of Woods’ racism and politics.)

Firearms training
Woods offering private shooting outings at ARPC to the fascists on the CCC Discord.

Oregon Firearms Defense
One of the trainings Woods offers to fellow Nazis.

Spartan Shield
The “Spartan shield” in this Oregon Firearms Defense graphic bears the logo of Génération Identitaire, a white “identitarian” nationalist group in Europe.

David Woods wearing a T-shirt with the Génération Identitaire logo, during a banner drop.


The following is a brief timeline of David Woods’ appearances and participation in neo-Nazi and far right organizing locally:

March 25, 2017


On March 25th, David Woods and a number of other Central Oregon neo-Nazis affiliated with American Front and its feeder organization “American Patriots Brigade” took to an I-5 overpass in Springfield to wave American flags and display pro-Trump banners in support of an “Oregon Make America Great Again March” being held by Trump supporters in Salem. In addition to a commercially available “Make America Great Again” Trump banner, they also displayed a sign constructed as a panel for Jimmy Marr’s infamous Nazi propaganda truck which reads “Trump: Do the White Thing.”


April 20, 2017


On this year’s anniversary of Adolf Hitler’s birthday, Jimmy Marr and David Woods appeared outside the Erb Memorial Union on University of Oregon campus in Marr’s truck decorated with a huge swastika. Woods held forth hollering neo-Nazi talking points at rightfully-angered students as Marr disgorged bursts of lackluster caterwauling from the unluckiest set of bagpipes on this continent.

April 24, 2017


Because of his obnoxious racist proselytizing, Jimmy Marr’s address has long been public knowledge. After Woods and Marr’s touring neo-Nazi sideshow act stopped by the UO campus, anti-fascists and community members of conscience mobilized for a demonstration across the street from his house. Marr gathered approximately ten of his Nazi sycophants to counter the anti-fascist demonstration. David Woods was one of those present that day, and he was photographed throwing a Roman salute in front of a Nazi war flag. Notice that he is dressed in a grey button down Red Kap shirt, which has been adopted as the official uniform of American Front, and its feeder/prospect organization “American Patriots Brigade.”

April 29, 2017

Neo-Nazi David Woods (Right), pictured with Patriot Prayer follower Pam Brumfield-Uriarte (Left)

As we have discussed before, Joey Gibson’s Patriot Prayer organization jumped at the opportunity to throw a far-right, Nazi-infested rally in the immigrant neighborhood of Montavilla on April 29th, 2017. David Woods was among the Nazis who were welcomed by Gibson and his followers.

4-29 2
Neo-Nazi David Woods talks to a Three-Percenter and mingles with Patriot Prayer members Joey Gibson and Robert Zerfing in Montavilla

May 20, 2017

David woods, along with Jimmy Marr, disrupted the Sixth Annual Solidarity Fair at Central Park in Corvallis, OR. They had chalked swastikas, neo-Nazi messages, and Trump slogans the night before, much to the dismay of participants in the Solidarty Fair. They also displayed a banner over the freeway bearing the slogan “Wotan Mit Uns”: an Odinist slogan frequently used by neo-Nazis.

5-20 2

August 14, 2017

In the Discord logs, David Woods brags of chalking hateful messages on the sidewalk in the path of a Corvallis, OR “Solidarity with Charlottesville” march, and also of driving by said march with a swastika flag waving out his car window.

David Woods brags about Nazi graffiti

August 22, 2017

On August 21, 2017, Central Oregon was in the path of totality for a solar eclipse. Participants in the CCC discord logs spent a great deal of time designing and making banners for the occasion, as well as coordinating with other regional groups for a series of neo-Nazi banner drops over the I-5 corridor in Oregon and Washington. Multiple banner drops occurred in Central and Southern Oregon as well as Washington. Jimmy Marr posted a photograph to his twitter account of the weekend’s final banner drop featuring himself and David Woods holding an “Eclipse Whitey” banner next to a “1488” road marker.

David Woods and Jimmy Marr hold an eclipse-themed neo-Nazi banner
Jimmy Marr and David Woods hold an eclipse-themed neo-Nazi banner

Jimmy also echoed the frequent observations of anti-fascists with his stated perception of tacit support for neo-Nazi activities from regional law enforcement.

Jimmy Marr on support from the police.
Jimmy Marr on support from the police.

Wood’s Claims About His Family

In the CCC discord logs, Woods also paints a portrait of his family life in which he makes a number of claims regarding his family members. In one particular section, written in the disjointed style of 4chan confessionals, he blames his wife, Kelli Lynn Woods (nee Bindernagel) for a difficult time in his life beginning around 2012, saying that she convinced him to become a vegan, try meditation, and embrace norms of liberal tolerance; all of which he claims caused him to become weak and embittered.

deedub vegan phase
David Woods blames his wife for a difficult period in his life

Woods goes on to describe his turn towards, and eventual embrace of, Nazi ideology, according to which he regards feminism, multiculturalism, and tolerance as elements of a global Jewish conspiracy. He attributes the salvation of his marriage to three changes in his everyday life: his decision to assume a much more domineering attitude toward his wife, his increasing participation in the dissemination of Nazi memes online, and real-world activism with his newfound neo-Nazi friends.

deedub nazi transition
David Woods describes his transition into Nazism

deedub describes his controlling behavior toward his wife
David Woods claims to exercise banal misogynistic control over his wife.

In the logs, Woods also claims to have successfully indoctrinated both his wife and mother-in-law with neo-Nazi ideology.

deedub claims his wife is amenable to nazi ideology
David Woods claims that his wife and mother-in-law have been indoctrinated with his Nazi ideology

Current Information on David Woods

Name: David Thomas Woods aka: fashychad; deedub; Australopithecus Jordan

Birthdate: 09/05/1983

Address: 3929 NW Walnut Pl Corvallis, OR 97330

Vehicle: Oregon license plate: 234HZL Toyota Tacoma (2016 or 2017)

Employment: Oregon Firearm Defense [email protected]


right shoulder tattoo
Right shoulder: tattoo appearing to depict three soldiers respectively bearing the letters “P,” “B,” & “C,” – photos circa 2014 left shoulder tattoo
Left shoulder: tattoo appearing to depict some kind of bicycle – photos circa 2014 back tattoo
Lower back: old english script tattoo beginning with the letter “W” – photo circa 2014

Clear Photographs of David Woods

David Woods, April 20, 2017
David Woods, April 20, 2017

David Woods, April 20, 2017
David Woods, April 20, 2017

David Woods, April 29, 2017
David Woods, April 29, 2017

David Woods, 2015
David Woods, 2015