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Spotlight on Justin Marbury: A Nice Buddhist Boy Goes Nazi

reposted from Pacific Northwest Antifascist Worker’s Collective

Note: Anti-fascist activists from Rose City Antifa, Pacific Northwest Anti-Fascist Workers Collective, and Eugene Antifa have been able to get access to the logs of a Discord server used by a variety of Pacific Northwest fascists and white supremacists, under the tongue-in-cheek name, the “Cascadian Coffee Company” (CCC).
Discord is a chat app originally developed for online gaming, but often used by the far-right and white supremacist groups to organize their groups and events. These logs contain thousands of messages detailing activities, organizing, and interactions of one particular group in the region.
In an ongoing series of articles, the coordinating anti-fascist groups will publish revealing information about this particular set of Nazis organizing throughout the Pacific Northwest region, from Ashland to Seattle. You can follow all of these stories by visiting our website at, or following us on Twitter: @pnwawc , and using the hashtag #PNWfascistlogs and #CCC.

@WehrmachtCascad is the Twitter handle of Oregon neo-Nazi Justin Marbury. In this post, “Sturmabteilung” refers to the Nazi SA, the precursor to the SS.
Justin Marbury’s other Twitter Handle, @WehrmachtMarbury.

About Justin Marbury

Justin Anthony Marbury (28 years-old of Medford, OR) is a self-loathing Nazi hotel worker who can’t seem to hold down a job and has a major affinity for marijuana and ethno-nationalism.  Evidently the love of weed no longer dulls his self-hatred and self-pity, so nowadays he channels his hatred by subjecting small southern Oregon towns to flyering campaigns of Nazi propaganda.

This behavior appears to have alienated him from both his friends and associates, while also pushing him into the arms of other neo-Nazis; chief among them being Jake “Lithium” Laskey of American Front, who is another lost soul with no real direction or impact on the world around him.

For now, let’s shine a spotlight on Justin’s Marbury’s life…

Justin Marbury, who sometimes goes by “Mark Lynch” on Facebook, is also active on the chat app Discord as “Wehrmacht”. On the recently uncovered trove of Discord private chat logs, Marbury states that he has started a marijuana company called “Rogue Grow”, which records corroborate is registered in the state of Oregon as of August 25th, 2016.

Based out of Justin’s hometown of Medford, Oregon, Rogue Grow has a YouTube channel called “Overgrow Oregon”.  Additionally, Justin Marbury ran the now suspended Twitter account “Volksguard,” (@NationalistAct1) which was listed as the official home of the “Cascadian National Resistance”.
Not coincidentally, “Cascadian National Resistance” is also the name of the group that Justin used in his flyer campaign, which as far as can be determined by the Discord logs, has no known members other than Justin himself. This would indicate that Justin’s primary motivation for the creation of the group is to make himself appear more important than he really is. However, Justin is also an active member in a larger neo-Nazi group, which we will explore in the coming days in a second companion article.

Below are some of the images of Justin Marbury’s Nazi online shenanigans in southern Oregon:

Justin Marbury’s FB page “Mark Lynch” pictured bottom left.
Rogue Grow’s state registration, owned by neo-Nazi Justin Marbury.
Justin Marbury aka “Wehrmacht”, pictured bottom left.
Overgrow Oregon, the marijuana company started by Oregon neo-Nazi Justin Marbury.
Volksguard Twitter account, part of the so-called “Cascadia National Resistance”, Justin Marbury’s neo-Nazi group.
Justin Marbury’s image on Rogue Grow’s Facebook page.
Justin Marbury, pictured right. Raising the “Kekistan” flag, a common neo-Nazi symbol.

On January 25th Justin Marbury was arrested under suspicion of flyering the small town of Ashland, Oregon with Neo-Nazi and white-nationalist flyers. Even though Marbury admitted to putting up the fascist flyers, the charges were later dropped due to lack of evidence. Justin was 28 years old at the time of his arrest. He was arrested not for the flyers themselves but for defacing property. An Oregon Live article covering the story can be found here.

Article about Justin’s arrest for neo-Nazi flyer dropping.

Justin Marbury’s mugshot after arrest for flyering neo-Nazi propaganda.

As we comb through the leaked Discord logs we find Justin Marbury posting as the user “Wehrmacht,” complaining about his name coming up as a Nazi in social media searches and bragging about his racist exploits in Ashland, Oregon. He was most proud that he was released without charges, and ecstatic that his friend Jimmy Marr (“Genocide Jimmy’) showed up to the Medford city hall with his Nazi truck on the day of his release. Justin makes sure to tell the other users that he came outside with his rifle to meet the police.

CCC chat thread with Justin, using the handle “Wehrmacht”. Don’t be a Nazi and this stuff won’t happen.
In this chat Justin Marbury brags about how he got caught, and that he came out to meet the police with his rifle, and later that all charges were dismissed.
Justin Marbury bragging about Nazi flyering.

Example of neo-Nazi flyers that Justin Marbury posted in Ashland Oregon.

Justin Marbury’s flyer admonishing neo-Nazis to take up arms. Note the usage of the “Sonnenrad” icon, which is commonly associated with neo-Nazi groups. These flyers were printed at his hotel job.

It appears Justin’s ex-fiancée has left him over his racism, or maybe just because he is generally a dirt bag–or maybe it was because he got fired from his job at the Medford Holiday Inn Express; it could also be a combination of all of his failings. Either way, he gave us a great laugh making his self-pity public for all of us to see; there’s nothing better than seeing a Nazi fall apart at the seams. Really though, it probably is for the best that Justin won’t raise that kid. Five days prior to his pathetic post about having no friends and his ex-fiancée leaving, he posted in favor of ethnic cleansing in Myanmar. Who wouldn’t run from someone like that?

Justin venting about being left by his ex-fiancée.
Justin advocating the ethnic-cleansing of Rohingya Muslims.
More trouble at home for Justin.

Looking into Justin Marbury’s affiliations we find a few things, he is closely associated with Jimmy Marr, and has his own twitter/flyer project “Cascadian National Resistance,” but there is one affiliation we would like to look deeper into, his association with American Front and Jake “Lithium” Laskey. If you are not familiar with Jake Laskey and American Front, our first article on them can be found here. The American Front network, that was reincarnated by Jake Laskey after his release from prison, (AF)  has 3 known parts to its networks inner structure:


  1. American Front- Core group of Vetted AF members.
  2. Greystorm Productions LLC A Facebook page based business that sells clothing and books for raising money to fund AF.
  3. American Patriots Brigade- APB is for recruiting and vetting new members to the core American Front group. We will dig deeper into APB in a later article.

Justin Marbury is connected to American Front as a member of the American Patriots Brigade “APB.” In the Discord chats, he mentions American Front, meeting with Jake Laskey at his business the Wolfclan Armory, and mentions he is a prospecting member of the American Front “support” group APB. Other members of American Patriots Brigade will be written about as well, along with an in-depth overview of APB. In this particular article, we will stay focused on Justin Marbury.

Justin’s conversation with “Blackhat16” (Matthew Combs), making allusions to meeting with Jake Laskey, neo-Nazi leader of the American Front and Creator of the American Patriots Brigade. 

In the picture above, Marbury and comrades talk about meeting at American Front leader Jake Laskey’s business the Wolfclan Armory. “Wehrmacht” (Justin Marbury) asks if Jake is coming and he is told “yes but after 6:30” by another user “Blackhat 16” (Matthew Combs). Justin is excited to finally be meeting AF leader Jake Laskey. Laskey always denies involvement in American Front and Greystorm Productions LLC, mainly because his parole terms prohibit his involvement, but we can see from these chats that he is working within the American Front network, and with supporter recruits like Justin Marbury.

Justin Marbury Training for his dreams of a white Nationalist militia seizing power.

As a new recruit to the American Patriots Brigade, Justin states that the point of APB and AF are to have a nationalist militia in the event of a societal collapse. We understand this to be a white ethno-nationalist, neo-Nazi militia that would attempt to seize power and create a white ethno-state. American Front is a long time running neo-Nazi bonehead gang (real skinheads are not racist) dating back to 1984, known for extreme violence and acts of domestic terror.

Justin Marbury advocating for neo-Nazi terrorism.

Justin Marbury likes to brag about his racist flyering of small towns and also his ability to make flyers, in this particular picture he shows off one of his racist flyers, followed by his assertion that he made 3 flyers for the APB of which he is a known prospect.

Justin Marbury inquiring with others regarding creating American Patriots Brigade members chat in the Discord chats.

In the screen shot above, one of the users asks in the first entry for an APB group to be formed in the Discord chats, the final entry lists four of the Discord users to be added to the APB role.  Justin is mentioned by first name as one of the 4 members to be added to the APB member chat group.

Justin Marbury’s entry into the American Front affiliated APB group shows us that he is trying to become a militant neo-Nazi, and we find that he is eager to graduate from flyering small towns, to a more militant violent form of racism by working towards becoming a vetted member of the American Front, a group that is known for extreme acts of violence and domestic terrorism that is widely documented and reported.

Another clear link between Justin Marbury, APB, and American Front.

On 4-24-2017, Jimmy Marr staged a Nazi flag wave at his home in Springfield, Oregon, staged as a Nazi gathering to state that the Holocaust was a hoax. This flag wave had several users from the Discord chats present, Justin Marbury was one of the proud Nazis that showed up for this racist provocation of holocaust denial and Sieg Heils, coupled with the waving of Nazi, KEK, and American flags. The use of the American flag is a known tactic of neo-Nazis to tone down and appeal to more mainstream racists. It is a tactic openly employed by Marbury’s group, the APB, and many other neo-Nazi groups seeking a mainstream appeal.

Justin Marbury Pictured Center.
Justin Marbury pictured Right. Matthew Combs of Eugene Pictured left.
Justin Marbury pictured second from Left.

The above three pictures capture Justin Marbury AKA “Wehrmacht” at Jimmy Marr’s house on 4-24-17 at the event that was for the intent of creating a racist provocation in Springfield, Oregon, and to make an assertion that the Holocaust never happened. While he is pictured carrying an American flag, you can see Jimmy Marr’s Nazi truck, and a Nazi flag, along with Holocaust denial signs, which was the point of this Nazi gathering.

Justin works and lives in the city of Medford, Oregon. Lately, he has not been able to hold down a job though, having recently been let go by the Medford Holiday Inn Express he appears to be unemployed. He also has a marijuana grow business called “Rogue Grow” though we doubt that he has been able to find any success at the grow operation considering his business’s weak presence on the net, and lack of updates. While we believe this business is still trying to survive, we believe Justin has moved to seeking employment or possibly working at another Hotel in the Medford area. We find Justin working at a hotel very troubling, as in the Discord chats he was posting pictures of the hotel registration screen that exposed several guest’s names and phone numbers to his Nazi comrades, that he felt had Jewish sounding last names. We have blurred the screen shot containing the hotel guest names as we do not want to further expose those people’s personal information. Besides posting pictures of the hotel guest registration names, Justin routinely makes racist comments about the people staying at the hotel to his Nazi friends.

Justin Marbury doing bong rips on his business YouTube page..
Justin Marbury’s “Rogue Grow” Facebook page.

Names of hotel guests that Justin posted from his workplace, specifically looking for Muslim- and Jewish-sounding last names.
Marbury commenting on guest names of the people staying at the hotel where he works.
Further comments on guests staying at Justin Marbury’s place of work.
Further hotel comments on guests staying at Justin Marbury’s work.
Further hotel comments regarding guests at Justin’s place of work. Note the pro racist terrorism image.

Justin Marbury also has a now defunct T-spring account where he sold shirts and flags with racist and fascist designs on them to make up for his lack of employment. This store apparently was shut down and he has since opened a new “Fashy Shop” at that he advertises on the Axis Apparel Facebook page, Axis of course pays homage to the Axis led by Hitler during world War 2.

Login screen for Justin’s defunct t-shirt biz. Notice the exposed email address.
Shirts sold on Justin’s T-spring- Top Left AF “support” shirt among others. This image also serves as a good overview of common neo-Nazi symbols.
Facebook page for Justin’s subtly named “Axis Apparel Company”.
Axis Apparel, page 2.

Prior to terrorizing small towns with racist flyers, and joining the American Front support group APB, Justin Marbury started as a Buddhist living in a monastery, then he became your average Bernie bro. He states through his Rogue Grow page that he had been volunteering for Bernie, and even changed his profile to show support for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer PRIDE community. What went so terribly wrong with Justin Marbury to go from being a peaceful Buddhist, turned Bernie bro that supported equal rights, to a complete monster that manifest’s his hate into white supremacy and ethno-nationalism? Maybe this was always there just lurking waiting for the perfect time. We do know this about Justin: he is a newer white supremacist that flipped in early 2017. He Joined up with Jimmy Marr, American Front via the “American Patriots Brigade” and created his own “Cascadian Nationalist Resistance” via the “Volksguard” twitter account. Since turning to white supremacy, he has struggled to keep a job, lost many friends, his start-up business seems to be failing, and his ex-fiancée has left him taking their child with her. Hopefully Justin will find a different path, and stop making excuses for his own life failings, though he seems content with using white supremacy and hate to redirect his own self-hate onto others in the community.

Justin Marbury in more innocent days as a Buddhist novice.














Bernie meme shared by Justin, when he was still an actual compassionate human-being.
Marbury Showing his support for LGBTQ Pride prior to becoming a neo-Nazi.
Justin starts to go off the rails post-Bernie.
Justins car with a Fascist flag sticker.