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Exposing the Belligerent “Evergreen State Patriots”

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After two months of right-wing rallies in Olympia, Washington, reactionaries shot comrades two Saturdays in a row. These ongoing weekly, ultra-nationalist protests have drawn out a smattering of MAGAists, Culp for Governor supporters, Stop the Steal rally goers, as well as the anti-shutdown crowd and self-professed neo-nazis. They have only been emboldened by the storming of the congressional building in Washington DC. These rallies have also brought together a group of reactionaries who make up the dregs of III%er circles, what remains of Operation Cold Front, the lonely leftovers of Patriot Prayer, and numerous other violent individuals- some of whom are somewhat new to the scene and have continually found themselves in the center of emerging street conflicts. This latter group seems to be comprised of people who think the official WA III%er leadership doesn’t go far enough with their tactics. They are mainly people who either are excluded from the Proud Boys, like women, or are people who have problems with Proud Boys, whether it’s personal beef like Haley Adams’ friends or more strategic issues like those voiced by others in the group. That being said, this collection of “patriots” have made steps to work with both Proud Boy rank-and-file and leadership. It should also be noted that many of these reactionaries have repeatedly escalated violence against antifascists pushing back against their more troubling elements.

In the new wave of actions at the capitol, many of the more hardcore elements have let the politics of “Back the Blue” fade into the background, such causes muffled giving way to those that more readily fit their increasing desire for street violence. On a national scale this frustration stems from their frustration with police not arresting black people at their command, not brutalizing “ANTIFA,” or not letting them storm government buildings. Their hatred of cops is also always tinged with the implicit call for extra-state violence. “ANTIFA” infects their imagination and brutal fantasies of punishment. These particular reactionaries feel emboldened by the state’s tacit support for their actions, as displayed by the lack of charges for one of the two shooters. One of the shooters, Christopher Michael Guenzler, is an acquaintance who met many of them, including rising leaders Thomas William Hughes AKA “Tom Howie” and Brian Yount, at a home demo at Governor Inslee’s Bainbridge Island home.

This assemblage of a few dozen “patriots” has organized itself in person, but also on Telegram and Signal, referring to their group as first as “Western Washington Patriots” then as “Washington Patriots United” and now finally “Evergreen State Patriots.” In encrypted messages, the group coordinates their efforts and indulges in each other’s visceral fantasies. We were able to gain access to these “vetted” chats and watch the members post identifying and incriminating information including images of improvised weapons, explosives, firearms, talk of chemical attacks, intentions to sacrifice life for their efforts, desire for their opposition to be shot, lament for the lack of a mass beat-down style of engagement, etc.

Though the members in the chats range from civic nationalists like Dion Jamel Thomas Thompson to white nationalist sympathizers like Haley Adams, their common ground, aside from supporting anti-shutdown restaurants, seems to be a desire for street violence, elevating the risk posed to communities in the area. Some of their compatriots have even self-identify as anti-Semites and fascists. The chat members have also set their sites on local housing struggles like the Red House in Portland or the motel occupation in Fife, either stating desire to violently break it up or in the case of Fife actively spying on and intimidating people showing up to the action. Because of all this we’ve decided to release some of our findings regarding these individuals in the interest of community safety.

Damon Michael Huseman

Damon is a self-professed fascist and anti-Semite. He is continually on the ground with this group. On 1/6, at the Governor’s Mansion in Olympia, Damon was so unhinged that he was even confronted by other conservatives for spouting anti-Semitic Neo-Nazi conspiracies and was also seen rocking a Hitler Youth Knife that day. He is usually armed. More on him can is found here.

Clinton Douglas Casity

aka “Doug” / dob 3/19/92 / Telegram: AlphaPupKody @PupK0dy / / /

Doug is very vocal in the group’s communications, Telegram chat, and on their radios. He claims to be a Lakewood resident. In the chat, he pushes a respectability-politics oriented civic nationalism that speaks of civil rights and democracy while at the same time calling for heinous violence against antifascists, eviction defenders, and so on. Doug also tries to use his identity as a gay man as a shield to deflect criticism of his own violent rhetoric and reactionary nationalism. He has been on the ground in Olympia and brags about being in Portland and Berkeley. Doug runs the reactionary news site He’s likely active in H.A.M. radio and “Pup Play” communities. Doug has also bragged about having two cousins who work at the NWDC, a notorious immigrant detention facility that has come under criticism for coercing detainees into doing unpaid labor among other things. He has also been on the ground in Fife threatening the residents of the occupied Travelodge. Doug also notably worked for an airline and during his time there violated people’s privacy by going through people’s personal belongings and posting images of them online.

Doug discussing massacring a BIPOC family who just rebuffed an eviction attempt
Doug glorifying vehicular homicide.

Thomas William Hughes

Telegram and alias: Tom Howie / / aka “Tommy Hutton”

A rising personality, Tom has been  been good at riling people up on the ground in Olympia and in the chats, though he continually chimes in about OpSec in their communications. He has also played music at Proud Boy events, made Nazi salutes, and is usually armed.

Josh Peacock 

Telegram: Western Washington Patriots / / /

Josh claims to be a threeper. He’s also one of the main admins of the Telegram group. Josh is another familiar face most known for being muscle for Operation Cold Front and getting into confrontations with leftists. More reserved in person, but armed and in the thick of it a lot. Josh was seen backing up Christopher Michael Guenzler when Chris shot at people at a rally on 12/05 in Olympia. Josh claims to have gotten his hand injured and will be staying out of the thick of it for the immediate future. He is one of the few in this group that seems to wholeheartedly dislike the police and feds.

Lyle Allen Puckett

Telegram: ThreeperTator

Lyle is the elected security lead for the group and seems to be a sort of trusted elder. He suggests he has had run-ins with the feds over weapons, if a raid happened it seems more likely it was transportation violation related. Lyle claims to have made IEDs of indeterminate class for use at rallies. He at one point was affiliated with American Patriot’s III% WA. Lyle is not to be confused with Allen Pucket of Patriot Prayer fame.

Brian Yount

Brian was nominated as a leader for the group on the ground in Olympia for the 12/19 event and has been on the ground in Olympia at sites of conflict multiple times. He claims to be from Renton, WA. 

a post Yount shared on facebook

Dale Linden Whitten

Dale has shown repeated interest in being a brawler. He has been at flag waves and other events with the groups, usually armed. He has talked a lot about physically crippling antifascists to the point of obsession and has acquired flares and fireworks for incendiary use against antifascists.

Jakaye Renee Robinson

Telegram: Queen Patriot

Robinson is the partner to Brian Yount and a southern transplant. She’s actively involved in recruiting more women to the group, something that other far-right groups in the region have failed to do. She celebrates and participates in violence against antifascists.

Timothy Neal

Telegram: Ymmit

Tim claims to be the person in the red and white TRUMP/American flag shirt seen attacking antifascists with a flag pole. He also makes posts encouraging violence. This same person was also in the center of the clashes on 12/5.

Christopher Michael Guenzler

Christopher was the first person to shoot someone at these recent rallies. He is also an acquaintance of and supported by many members of this group, who admit that he did not make an attempt to disengage from the situation. One of the “lessons” these reactionaries took from Guenzler’s charges is that they have to be better at creating contrived opportunities for “self defense” so they can shoot “ANTIFA” without repercussions.

Darren D Culbertson

Telegram: DC Philly

Culbertson has been on the ground at recent rallies and confrontations in Olympia. Culbertson often encourages macho violence against “communists” etc. and claims to be from Yelm.  He has been active at least since the anti-lockdown protests in May.

Ilene Rene Greenhalgh

Telegram: the boyz mom

Ilene is an active member in the group and does recruiting as well as logistics. She lives in Shelton, where she claims to have been active in responding to BLM and jail solidarity demonstrations.

Litonya Blazek

Telegram: TonyAB20

Tonya is somewhat reserved and paranoid in the chats, but it’s clear she agrees that force is needed and something they should be preparing to use.

El’ona Kearney

Telegram: El’

Kearney is the Vice President for her local VFW chapter and is involved in many 2nd Amendment and New Age Spirituality circles. She runs Emperial Consulting( and has claimed to have infiltrated racial justice meetings on behalf of the group.

Brandon Whitten

Brandon is a QAnon-loving MAGAist. He is also Dale Whitten’s Son.

Nathan Willis

Telegram: DirtyDiesel /

Nathan drives a red Chevrolet, is a Navy submarine veteran, and is usually armed.  

Johnathan _____

Alias: John III%

We don’t have a full name on this Zone 3 Threeper, but we include him in this list due to his importance in bringing this group together. John is the main telegram admin and a leader in the group. Good pal’s with Josh Peacock. He’s previously known for being an Operation Cold Front hanger-on and being part of the attack on a border solidarity workshop in Seattle. He is a very active member of the chats and is regularly on the ground. He has also been encouraging disciplined gun violence and is usually armed.

he says a lot in the chat and has a litany of voice memos, but these message encapsulate some of what he is about

Jeffrey Brown

Jeff has been with the group since he met many of them at the protest at the Inslee’s allege house on Bainbridge Island. He has been spotted at the rallies in Olympia rolling with the core of the group and rocking tactical gear, an AK, and an anti-antifa morale patch. He has also hung around the crew that even other nationalists have accused of being outright fascists including Damon who is mentioned above.

Miki Nguyen /

Miki is a motivational speaker, QAnon believer, author, ardent anti-communist, and one-time clothing/lifestyle brand owner. Nguyen believes in anti-Semitic conspiracies. He is also connected to some conservative parts of the Vietnamese diaspora. He claims to live in Renton.

Kenneth Todd Kelsay

aka Huckleberry

Threeper Zone 4 Lead. Partied with big-name Proud Boys et al. in Oregon after being on the ground for August 17th in 2019. He’s likely active in H.A.M. radio communities. He is also excited to come out again. Huckleberry is also mentioned in this article:

Michael Isaacs

Telegram: Ozul / aka Vinnicuz

This somewhat active reactionary is a Patriot Prayer adjacent Holocaust-denier and friend of Haley Adams. He has made a litany of violent threats, including rape and murder, and has been on the ground. Read more here.

John Beavers

Beavers has been a participant in several fistfights with antifascists and others. He was an affiliate of American Freedom MC and the now seemingly inactive street fighting cadre American Freedom Keepers who traveled the country getting into brawls at right-wing rallies. Beavers suspiciously disappeared from and returned public view after cultivating relationships with many right-wing figures under government surveillance, such as Joey Gibson, Kyle Chapman, and Pat Washington. He was very active in 2017, more can be found about his activity here.

Dion Jamel Thomas Thompson

This former leading Operation Cold Front propagandist has been getting active again recently. He was seen in Olympia on 12/5 with a rifle around the confrontation where Chris Guenzler fired at antifascists. Dion has been known to deploy identity opportunism to deflect criticism from ‘western chauvinist’ street violence. He has specifically targeted soccer fans with even the most vague antifascist sympathy,facilitating attacks on their marches.

Trey M Coleman

Trey is a self-proclaimed Proud Boy and has shown interest in the confrontations.

Kristina Cotant

Telegram: Bandaid

Kristina has been on the ground in tactical gear and is active these circles. She claims to be an EMT and sometimes describes her role in the group as a medic.

Gary Denend

Gary Denend attended the rally in Olympia on 12/5. Though less prominent, he as drawn others into the group.

Sean Simkins

On top of attending related events, Sean is a Production Manager at Meritage Soups in Redmond.

Stella Claus /

Stella is threeper and a former military sergeant who has been on the ground in Olympia.

Kerry Hudson

Kerry Hudson is a familiar face at violent ultra-nationalist mobilizations. Despite his age and stature this Patriot Prayer die-hard has joined in on the occasional uneven beat-down and has a long history of threats and bigotry.

Haley Adams

Haley, a well-known right-wing figure, has fallen from the spotlight as of late and will never live down the rifts she caused between the Patriot Prayer and Proud Boy scenes. She brought together a cadre of violent reactionaries that have formed their own crew out of the ashes of Patriot Prayer. Adams has said explicit endorsements of white nationalism and has continually encouraged street violence. She is currently trying to work her way into neo-Nazi sympathizer Nicholas J. Fuentes’s America First “groyper” circles.

Other Notes

This right-wing cluster of emerging violent nationalists doesn’t just meet online. They also like to meet up in person. They particularly like to support businesses fighting the “shutdown” which are owned by like-minded fellow-travelers. One such establishment is Galloping Gerties in Lakewood, Washington. On multiple occasions they have referred to the owners of Galloping Gerties opening the restaurant specially for them to have private meetings, where up to 20 people gather inside without masks to dine together and plot violence. They have frequently met at this restaurant, but there are also other points of congregation, the first and  foremost point being the collective meal held in protest outside Washington Governor Inslee’s mansion. There have also been group excursions to the town of Mossyrock, whose populace are collectively defying Govoner Inslee’s orders. After their rallies they have also made repeated trips to celebrate at Spiffy’s in Chehalis, another place making headlines for its disregarding of COVID prevention measures.

One exigent aspect of this association is their outreach to anti-CCP aligned people in the Chinese diaspora and to conservative sections of the Vietnamese diaspora who have a growing presence and MAGA rallies. Their group is doing so, in part, by mounting accusations that “ANTIFA” are extra-state servants of Communists. They accuse the Democrats, including establishment Democrats, of pulling the strings of antifascists while also alluding to an international Communist conspiracy supporting “ANTIFA” backed by George Soros and the Chinese Communist Party. At the same time, these nationalists blame the CCP for the corona-virus crisis, which also drew out sinophobic and xenophobic whites to their End CCP flag wave. Of course there are also long standing Chinese groups like Fulan Gong who have themselves been courting MAGAists for some time now and their agency in all of this shouldn’t be diminished.

In summation, this group’s primary focus seems to be coming to Olympia to utilize radios, bludgeons, explosives, incendiaries, paint-balls, pepper-spray, shields, and firearms in attacks on people they perceive as antifascists. Secondarily, they have targeted people fighting back against the rule of property over life such as the aforementioned housing struggles in the region. These people constitute a real and potentially lethal threat to communities throughout the Pacific Northwest. They are getting better organized in hopes of increasing their ability to deploy force. Readers are encouraged to take care and think critically and logistically about this information. 

Let this be a reminder to all, when far-right communications go underground the best course of action is to get shovels and start digging.
If you have any relevant information about this group or its members please send it to [email protected]

Against the reactionaries and the police, we protect us.

More to come. 😉