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Frank John Baptist Bagley II: The Burien Pride Flag Thief and Nazi

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PSA Admin Note: The original article includes audio files that provide further information and evidence against the subject of this article and readers are encouraged to click through the link above to hear for themselves.

Frank John Baptist Bagley II is a neo-Nazi organizer for the racist White Lives Matter (WLM) campaign, and a former member of the fascist group Patriot Front (PF). We are now identifying him as a thief featured in two news reports of stolen pride flags: Most recently this June in downtown Burien, which itself is a copycat action of a similar Patriot Front action in June, 2020, that he is also alleged to have participated in. Frank lives in Burien, WA.

Under the name “The Silver Solution” on Telegram, Bagley organizes monthly hate rallies and banner drops for the Washington State “White Lives Matter” chapter. WLM is a loose collection of white supremacists organized around the concept of the “great replacement.” This racist belief is often cited by accelerationist white supremacists responsible for mass shootings, and was notably referenced at the Unite the Right tiki torch rally in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 11, 2017, when neo-Nazis chanted, “Jews will not replace us!”

Bagley also operated as “Chad WA” in Patriot Front’s Pacific Northwest chapter, “Network 8.” He was one of the network’s earliest members. He left the organization in early 2021 but still keeps in regular contact with current members.

Bagley outed himself as one of the thieves of the Burien pride flags, in one of several neo-Nazi Telegram channels he controls. In the photo below, he indicates the exact number and assortment of pride flags that would soon be recovered from his shed.

Bagley previously hinted at an annual bonfire, where neo-Nazis from different groups would come together and burn stolen materials.

Bagley’s residence is within walking distance of the downtown area of Burien, where the pride flags were stolen. In June 2022, a few days before this article was published, antifascists recovered the pride flags, which were stored in a shed on his Burien property, before they could be burned in the hate bonfire planned by local neo-Nazis.

These pride flags are from Bagley's shed and match images Bagley himself posted in private neo-Nazi Telegram channels after the theft. Underneath the flags are large Patriot Front stencils that were also stored in the shed.
These pride flags are from Bagley’s shed and match images Bagley himself posted in private neo-Nazi Telegram channels after the theft. Underneath the flags are large Patriot Front stencils that were also stored in the shed.

Antifascists also recovered a new batch of Patriot Front’s large-format banner stencils.1 Many Patriot Front members feared federal warrants after their names were revealed due to a massive self-own when they got themselves arrested while attempting to disrupt a pride event in Coeur d’Alene. It is believed they hid the stencils at Bagley’s property thinking that nobody would be able to identify him, as he had not been a Patriot Front member since early 2021. Previous PF banner stencils were used to vandalize BLM murals and the LGBTQ “Respect & Love Olympia” mural, but antifascists managed to capture those stencils and burn them.

This will mark the second time that a Patriot Front network has lost a large number of banner stencils. Both instances occurred under the inept leadership of Patriot Front’s Pacific Northwest neo-Nazi Network Director, Colton Michael Brown, whom we identified in an earlier article.

Researchers were able to identify Frank Bagley thanks to personal details Colton Brown frequently volunteered about former Patriot Front Network 8 members.


2014 Trip to Ukraine

Frank Bagley frequently talks about his trips to Europe and discusses the whiteness of Eastern European countries compared to areas with more immigration.

One of Frank Bagley’s more recent comments on European whiteness. In his comment he hints at an “accelerationist” attitude, hoping for the collapse of society and that racists would come out on top in the ensuing struggle.

Bagley took a trip to Ukraine in December, 2014. Along the way, he visited several areas with significance to neo-Nazis and others on the far-right. A few of his pictures were taken next to busts or memorials of Roman Shukhevych, a Ukrainian nationalist and commander for a Nazi auxillary police battalion. Shukhevych was one of the organizers of the ethnic cleansing of thousands of Poles in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia.

Frank Bagley pictured with a bust of Roman Shukhevych at a museum in Lviv.
Frank Bagley pictured with a bust of Roman Shukhevych at a museum in Lviv.
Frank Bagley next to a memorial for Roman Shukhevych, aka “Turas Chuprinka.”

Bagley also sought out other photo opportunities involving right-wing figures and symbols in Ukraine.

Frank Bagley under a Stepan Bandera statue. Bandera was an antisemite, fascist, and war criminal who collaborated with Nazi Germany and made possible the Holocaust in Ukraine.
Frank Bagley under a Stepan Bandera statue. Bandera was an antisemite, fascist, and war criminal who collaborated with Nazi Germany and made possible the Holocaust in Ukraine.
Frank Bagley standing under the flag of the far-right Ukranian Insurgency Party.

Frank Bagley also took the following picture of various far-right stickers. The top sticker supports the Dynamo Kyiv Ultras, far-right fans of the FC Dynamo Kyiv soccer team. Below it are two stickers for the “Dnepr White Boys,” one containing both a Nazi SS Totenkopf symbol, and a white supremacist version of the Celtic Cross.

Bagley’s Dramatic Patriot Front Tenure

Security footage of two Patriot Front members stealing pride flags from Burien in 2020. Colton Brown has indicated in private conversations that Frank Bagley (as “Chad WA”) was the one taking down the flags, which would make him the person on the left in this picture.

Frank Bagley was one of the first members of Patriot Front’s Washington network. Network 8’s former acting Network Director, Stephen Trimboli, talked about Bagley being a member before Trimboli joined in 2018. Bagley thus would have been in the network during a period when the previous director, “Felix WA,” discussed helping new applicants build unserialized “ghost” AR-15s during membership interviews.2

Patriot Front’s leader, Thomas Rousseau, explicitly prohibits discussion of personal firearms ownership in the organization’s guidelines. It’s a rule that Network 8 members flagrantly disobeyed in the past, which led to temporary suspensions of their entire leadership, plus several other members, in February 2021. They still break that rule post-suspensions, even now, after our article describing the recent rule-breaking when James Julius Johnson described 3D-printing ghost guns in his house during a member meetup.3

Frank Bagley was one of the suspended members, and the most serious rule-breaker. He would show people his guns, bring other members to the range, and even take pictures of their range trips, which he then shared with people outside the group. According to Colton Brown, Bagley was reminded of the rules but had no remorse, saying that they were in Washington and shouldn’t have to follow Thomas Rousseau’s rules since he is distant in Texas.

Colton Brown, who also broke the rules, reported Frank Bagley to Thomas Rousseau, later citing the need to follow hierarchy and accept their fascist leader’s rules.4 This led to long-standing resentment from Bagley, who left the organization and refused to work with Brown, later calling him a snitch and challenging him to mutual combat.

This resentment was exarcebated by Bagley’s long-standing feeling of entitlement to the position of Network Director for Network 8. This promotion was denied by Thomas and others who believed Bagley to be petty, dramatic, disorganized, and insubordinate.5

Colton Brown and Frank Bagley would continue to keep their distance from each other but are still connected through the local white nationalist scene.

Organizing on Telegram: WLM and other Nazi Chats

Nowadays, Frank Bagley is still spreading his racist views via Telegram groups. He is the admin of several neo-Nazi chat rooms, including ones themed around turning the Pacific Northwest into an Aryan ethnostate, and others focused on activism motivated by the “white genocide” conspiracy theory. Frank Bagley is so active in neo-Nazi Telegram channels that it’s difficult to fit all of his disturbing comments in one article.

Bagley equates feminism and women’s liberation to population control. This is tied to Bagley’s belief that Jews are trying to limit the number of white babies born, as part of his conspiratorial belief in “white genocide.”

Bagley frequently shares updates from the White Lives Matter Washington State channel, which he controls.


His fellow racists discuss how the WLM chapter is unafraid to throw Nazi salutes during their activism in a video in which Bagley and others record a Black woman who stopped to ask them questions.

Bagley also posts pictures from his personal life, including pictures of his goats6 and his potted plants.

Frank Bagley’s home matches perfectly with the pictures he posted in Telegram.

  1. Frank’s picture shows two neighboring houses, one brown and the other blue, with matching fire hydrants, poles, and trees.
  2. We noticed potted plants in the same location as in Frank’s pictures.
  3. The property has a retaining wall, as the yard is lower than the street.
Left: Pictures posted by “The Silver Solution.” Right: A picture of the same property, owned by Frank Bagley, taken by researchers.

We also noticed a fence on his property, matching the one in pictures posted to Telegram, and the presence of goats and chickens.


Bagley explains that his hobbies support his “bug-out plan,” i.e., his plan for survival in the event of a societal collapse.

In other chats, Bagley talks with another former Patriot Front member, “Charles WA,” about the viability of going after the power grid. Attacking the power grid is a common trope among neo-Nazis who want to cause societal collapse. Frank Bagley hypothesizes that going after the water system would have a bigger impact and would be harder to counter.

Frank Bagley’s neo-nazi7 ideology and discussions of collapse make him a threat to our community. Bagley is actively planning for a white ethnostate, a goal that cannot be accomplished without mass violence similar to the acts committed by his fascist heroes.

Identifying Information

Frank Bagley doing yardwork at his house in Burien.
Frank Bagley doing yardwork at his house in Burien.

Full name: Frank John Baptist Bagley II

Birthdate: November 7th, 1983

Address: 1455 SW 151st Street, Burien WA 98166

The front of Frank Bagley’s home, on the property where he stored white supremacist materials and stolen pride flags.
The backyard, including the blue shed (right) where Frank Bagley stored the stolen Burien pride flags.
The backyard, including the blue shed (right) where Frank Bagley stored the stolen Burien pride flags.

Phone Number: 206-852-7601

Bagley also has a business number: 253-325-7000.

Social Media

Telegram: @TheSilverSolution


VKontakte: (Content archived at*,,


Frank Bagley works as a Heavy Equipment Operator and is a union member with the IUOE Local 302.

Bagley has been an owner or agent of multiple entities, including America Unlimited LLC (expired in 2020) and Handyman King County (expired 2013).


Frank owns several vehicles.

White Ford Club Wagon XLT Van

License plate: BGT0064, Washington

2008 Chevrolet Uplander

License plate: BVX2620, Washington

2001 Audi TT

License plate: AWL2745, Washington

White Chevrolet Truck

License plate: ARE5064, Washington


1 Members of Patriot Front’s Network 8 have to hide their neo-Nazi materials every time one of them is identified. This happened especially often over the last year. After Network 8 discovered they had an infiltrator in December 2021, and realized all of their members would eventually be identified, Network Director Colton Brown scrambled to get their supplies to a racist in their circles who had not been in contact with the infiltrator. Frank Bagley (as “Chad WA”) is referenced as a storage resource for western Washington members after this event, in Unicorn Riot’s recent leaks of Patriot Front messages.

3 Notably, James Julius Johnson was a member at the time of the Network 8 suspensions and avoided being suspended himself. Yet he still broke the organization rules frequently afterwards, and with his Network Director’s knowledge. Colton Brown was present at Johnson’s apartment during the meeting where Johnson discussed ghost guns, and Johnson (under the name “Tyler WA”) talked with Brown about a video they submitted to a national socialist telegram channel in May 2021 in which Johnson shoots a Black Lives Matter sign with a shotgun and a pistol:

Even after our article with the above video, Colton Brown still(!!!) discusses private firearms ownership as a Patriot Front member, even to people outside of Patriot Front. In one case, he mentions buying a new gun in a neo-Nazi channel about turning the Pacific Northwest into a white ethnostate, with all the subtlety of the Minecraft legal defense.

Colton Brown is still using his @SolarFash telegram handle, which has been tied to his identity in our article on his neo-Nazi activities.
Colton Brown is still using his @SolarFash telegram handle, which has been tied to his identity in our article on his neo-Nazi activities.

“Mike ID,” who is in Brown’s nearest non-network “cluster,” is also known to the group to be a Patriot Front member, and posts photos of his supposedly 3D-printed untraceable gun builds.

4 A similar appeal to the values of hierarchy was made by Paul “NETWORK DIRECTOR SAMUEL VIRGINIA” Gancarz after an organization-wide conference call that Patriot Front had about an infiltrator. It was a call that the infiltrator attended… because they forgot to revoke his keys to the conference server. We famously blared a rendition of the antifascist banger “Bella Ciao” during the meeting and they were unable to do anything about it because their server admin and org leader Tommy Rousseau was likely away from keyboard taking a sloppy dump somewhere. Good going, fascist hierarchy!

5 Some of this is retold by Colton Brown in a semi-public neo-Nazi Telegram channel. He concedes to snitching on the others in the group, and admits that one criticism of himself is that he might get everyone else in trouble if allowed the Network Director position. After leading the network into their worst infiltration yet, and then getting arrested in Coeur d’Alene, we’d say that’s right!

6 One of Bagley’s goats might be named after Hitler’s dog:

7 If you’re this far and still somehow unconvinced that Frank Bagley is a neo-Nazi, here is a picture he posted in celebration of Hitler’s birthday.